Pump Reservoir O Ring Failure

My Bg has been nutty for the last 3 weeks. First I was coming down with a cold so I thought that was why my numbers were not correct. The cold never really materialized so that theory was no good. There was some stressful stuff happening at work so I figure that might have something to do with it, nope! One night in particular I had eaten way to many carbs so I was bolusing to keep my BG inline. I woke up a 3am that night and checked 306. I bolused some more and went back to bed. The next morning I was getting ready for work and noticed insulin sloshing around in my pump. Approx 5-6 units. Now I was really paying attention to my reservoirs to make sure there weren’t any more problems. Just last night I was filling a new reservoir and I could see the insulin had leaked past the first O ring, needless to say I threw it out and got a new one. Then I made a call to Medtronic. They are sending me a new box of reservoirs and would like me to return all of my unused ones.
Has anyone else experienced this? just curious to see how often something like this happens.

You know, I’m looking at my reservoir right now and there is definitely liquid between the first and second o-rings. This reservoir is the first from a newly opened box, so I might have the same issue. I change sites tonight so we’ll see if the second one does the same thing. Is yours a Minimed? This is good to know, if it happens again.

Yes I use a Minimed 522. My lot number was WE2907362.

Nope… that hasn’t happen to me…

Scary. I don’t seem to have this problem with my current reservoir (I had to pull it out and check right after reading your post!). But I have had a few strings of unexplained highs lately that make me wonder… Around this same time I noticed that the empty reservoir chamber in my pump was suddenly emanating a very strong insulin smell (mmmm… BandAids…). At the time I assumed that maybe I hadn’t completely locked the tubing down on the reservoir, but it seemed fine when I checked it - I wish I’d thought to check the O-ring! I definitely will next time - thanks!

In my research on pumps, I heard about this problem and they said it was a big deal to look out for. I try to keep an eye out for it on my current pump. (Medtronic 712) While I will sometimes see a small amount of insulin between the o rings, it never pushes past the second one.