Another new doctor

I had my first visit with Dr. Coleman today. She came highly recommended, and I wasn’t disappointed. She’s local, works out of the same hospital I work in, so it’s really convenient. She also works closely with Geri, my diabetes ed, who is awesome too. She’s doing labs and a stress test (since I mentioned chest pains), then I’ll go back to see her and talk about my labs in 2 weeks. She thinks I am a good candidate for Victoza, so hopefully, I will get to try it out soon. I am nervous about the stress test tho, hopefully it will be ok!

Way to go! I had a stress test this summer. What worried me most was the thought that the test would reveal something seriously wrong and although I wanted to know, in another sense I didn’t want to hear bad news. Mine went fine, I’m sure yours will too.

Thanks, I hope so too!

Which stress test is it, the treadmill or the Injection on that speeds your insides while laying down?

Just keep a possitive mind and it will all be fine…Was wondering do you have MVP because that can cause chest pain, but will not can any danger or death, its just a PITB…You could ask for a Echo, or ask if they hear a click sound, some Dr are better at hearing it and some are awful…

You know, they did not tell me. They called my home and left a message, which my husband didn’t tell me about till late Friday night, and it was too late to call and ask questions. All she said on the message was wear comfortable clothes, no lotions or creams, metal, etc…so I would guess just the treadmill one.

What is MVP?