Another one bites the dust

… and by “another one,” I mean ME!

My husband and his siblings and I all went out for a long bike ride yesterday (this is where the trouble begins). We like to ride a trail out by the lake. It’s about 20 miles around… and really fun. Anyway, we were all riding, talking and laughing… having a good time. My sister in law was trying to tell me something. She was in front of me, so it was kind of hard to hear her, so I rode a little (okay— really close!) closer to her to listen. Well, she ended up hitting a tree root and falling over. I was way too close, so I ran right into her bike and couldn’t get me feet out of those dumb clips in time and fell… HARD! I broke my pump on the landing. The screen cracked and went blank and there was a crack down the side where the battery is… not to mention the monstrous BRUISE I have now from where it was clipped to my shorts! Anyway, after we recovered from the shock and embarassment of the whole situation, we picked up our bikes. Ready to catch up with the others, we checked out our bikes. Her’s was fine. My back wheel was SO bent out of shape that it would not budge! =o( So, I had to CARRY my bike back to our vehicle! Fortunately, we were only about 4 miles from the end, so I did not have that far to go. And my wonderful sister in law traded off with me every mile so that I did not have to haul it the whole way.

Of course, I had to call minimed when I got home to get a new pump. I am SO sore today. I had a long day at work today, but it ended well when I came home and had a new pump already waiting for me. =o)

Wow! Hope that you heal quickly and good to know that Minimed was so quick to respond!

Pumps are tough-- so that must have been quite a fall! Take care of yourself!