Another T1D, Just around the corner

Some of you may recall the post I wrote back in May: Do I have a neighbor with diabetes? Or who works in advocacy?. Since moving in my neighborhood, there was a house around the block with a JDRF magnet on the car, and I wasn’t quite sure how to learn more about who lived there. I got some good advice from it, but never followed through.

Then I got a paper in my mailbox earlier this week. The person who lives there is also a T1D, and is participating in the JDRF walk in my area (which I didn’t even know about!) this weekend. She was looking for people to sponsor her during the walk. I responded back and introduced myself, and now both our families will be participating.

The Diabetes Online Community is great, but it really feels good to be part of a diabetes “offline” community as well. And, of course, to meet some new neighbors.

So on Sunday, armed with glucose tablets and a 65% temporary bolus, I’ll be walking through the County College of Morris for a great cause. I can’t wait.

indeed …and enjoy !!

“Seek and You shall find”. A Wonderful Day for both of you and many, many Good days and memories to come. Have Fun on Sunday. :slight_smile:

cool Scott, have fun, you certainly have a beautiful day for a walk. Please tell your neighbor about TuDiabetes also.