Do I have a neighbor with diabetes? Or who works in advocacy?

So, I just moved into a new neighborhood recently, and now that the weather is finally nicer, I decide to go for walks quite often. Around the block is a house, and parked on the street in front of the house there is always a car with a JDRF Ribbon-Magnet on the back. I’d love to find out more about who lives there, but I’m not quite outgoing enough to ring the doorbell and say “Hi! I have diabetes! Do you?” I haven’t seen anyone outside at the house either to approach and strike up a conversation. But I’d love to know who it might be…

What would you do?

Maybe you can leave a note hanging from the JDRF car magnet?

Would it work to leave a card at the door with your name /other detail ( obtainable through ) ?
I have a sticker on our back car window ., which people have commented on ( in parking lots )

A note on the windscreen might do it too.