Any advice on t-slim?


Good luck!


Hi there scottyd , I enjoyed all the info your thread here provides on the t slim pump, thank you! I too am in early motions to get the t-slim and was curious if you had any regrets a year later? And I too didn’t qualify for the G4 either and am still vague why they won’t give first time pump users the sensor?..anyways hope all is great and any advise for me at this prilimanary stages with the tandem company will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


The only Flaw I found with it is that the blood meter doesn’t talk to the pump. You have to be the translator and put the number in (shucks) Dont worry about the com (its not the G4 anymore, G5) sooner or later the insurances will wake up and see the reality of it. Hope you enjoy it.


I switched from Medtronic to Tslim, I’ve been very happy with the transition. There are slight differences yes, but overall nothing that is a deal breaker. The newer Tslims do offer reduction below your target goal, and you have the option to correct or not based on your reading. The big difference with medtronic i could put a target range. For me that is 100 to 120. With Tslim you only put in the high end of your target range, and then they offer corrections for me for anything below 120. It’s not a big deal, I just based on my reading agree or ignore the suggestion. I’m a gadget geek though, I have to say the rechargeable battery and touch screen technology, and software that is more compatible with my Mac were all big factors in making the switch for me. I do think while there are a few things that require maybe an additional step, options and bolus info is all very easy to navigate and find and very user friendly. I’ve had great experiences with both Tandem and EdgePark who I received the pump from, since I couldn’t get it directly from Tandem, and the pump trainer was very helpful. Ive been very happy with the transition. Medtronic is a decent pump, but I was just looking for something a little more modern.


Update: I did secure a refund from Tandem and bought a new Revel. The Tandem people were great, the cartridge system not for me.


Well, it’s 3 years later since I wrote that advice. We moved to the t:slim back then, and in August of 2018, we went to the t:slim X2 model with Basal IQ. This also meant moving to the Dexcom G6 CGM, for compatibility.
The X2 has been good at identifying lows and disabling insulin delivery, however, I am not impressed with the G6 CGM. We often have data loss for extended periods, and there have been a significant number of “compression lows” with this model. That means because of the way the patient is lying down or sitting, the interstitial fluid cannot move around so easily, and gives a lower reading. We’re not talking 20 points here, but over 100 points in some cases.