CGM Celebration!

So after trying the Medtronic Guardian with less than stellar results (readings of 80 when I was 40 and 180 when I was over 300!), I decided that I needed a CGM for the trends but I needed one better than that. I had my heart set on the Navigator for the extra range, minute by minute readings, and improved accuracy but my doctor knew the Dexcom rep and convinced me to try it first. Well, the Dexcom trial went spectacularly (usually within 10 or 15 points of my meter and changing at pretty much the same rate as my meter) but I still wanted to try the Navigator because I’m stubborn. So my doctor called Abbott to set up a Navigator trial only to find out that there’s no Navigator rep anywhere near me. Now, if I lived in the middle of Montana or in Arkansas (no offense meant) that might not have surprised me but I live 15 miles outside of Philadelphia! The closest rep (who was willing to come down) was in NYC! So I called my doctor back and we agreed that Abbott’s going to have to up their representation if they want my service. So, long story short, my doctor went on Vacation this afternoon but submitted her vacation hotel fax number on my perscriptions for the Dex so we can get everything set up! How cool is that?! I’m hoping to be on my CGM and Omnipod (and pretty much be half cyborg) by early September! YAY! If anyone has any general CGM tips or specific tips for the DexCom (I’m going to be posting on their board too) I’d love to hear them. :slight_smile:

To all of you out there that are using the CGMs, does your insurance pay for it??
Am I the only one not using a cgm??
Good Luck with your new CGM, I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about it!!

I haven’t heard back from the insurance yet BUT they do have a history of paying for CGM’s for type I’s with hypoglycemia unawareness (which we discovered when I was on the trials)! If they cover it my insurance is amazing and they’ll cover 100% of it but that’s unusual, most insurance seems to cover 70-80%. Depends on your doctor filling out the paperwork and who your insurance is but at this point many companies are cover CGM’s for most type I’s and a few others (gestational, type II’s with out of control A1C’s, etc.)

My previous insurance plan covered it at 90%, but I just enrolled in a new plan and may have to start the fight again. Not sure yet. But I have been on one for 9 months now. I had to have documented lows below 50 with frequency. Last August and September, I had an average of 7 lows in the 40s each month, so I was approved.

Not evrybody here is on a CGMS, but I hope someday we all have access to them. It has made such a difference in my control.

A week after I had mailed the paperwork to Dexcom I got the 7+ in the mail. I had asked Dexcom whether I could start without training. To my surprise Dexcom told me: “Sure, just follow the instructions.”. This is what I did. Everything went smooth. I can’t wait to tell my doctor about the CGM the next time I see her. I don’t know exactly what my insurance coverage is. I have a max deductible of $500 per year which I had already reached. Thus I did not have to pay anything for the 7+.

I have been using the Dexcom for a few months now and love it. At first I was concerned about the accuracy but I have found it to be very close to my meter.

No input at all other than you have a very cool doc…lucky you! Good luck!