Any difference between 630 and 670 MM pump besides Auto Mode?

My pump is out of warranty in 6 weeks, so I’m checking out my options. Considered the t:slim for a while but after all considerations, I’m not too keen on it after all. So, looks like I may ask for a 630, which isn’t mentioned much as many folks seem to have the 670. Besides the auto mode, anything else different? thanks.

btw, i went to the site and opened windows with each of the pumps but there is no direct comparison specs page or anything that I could find. the layouts are different for each pump.

Here are reviews, comparisons by IDS.

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Unless he left out some differences not listed, it seems that Auto mode is the differentiator.

Why did you decide against the tslim? In the same boat. My pump can be replaced soon and considering moving away from Medtronics but don’t want to lose control and move to the 670G. Probably wouldn’t use automode but concerned with all the alerts to take BG test and then when you repeating the instruction.

lots of reasons that may not apply to others. My wife and I are both on pumps that are out of warranty in a few weeks (MM pumps- 530 model). I’m not keen on the 630 either, but I think it will be less problematic. the most annoying thing I’ve read about it is too many button presses are required. For me, there are deal-breakers on the t:slim. For the 630, I don’t think there’s any dealbreakers; just some annoyances.

@Dave44 - Would you be switching to the Medtronic cgm system also?

For what it is worth, I got my t:slim X2 in Dec 2017 and am on my 4th pump due to a battery failure, a T:button failure, and multiple false occlusion alarms. An online friend got the Medtronic 630G at the same time and she is on her 5th pump! Guess they don’t make them like they used to…

All pumps these days have a lot more screens to go through to make anything happen. Supposedly that makes them safer. All I know is I tend to ignore all the safety screens and speed through programming a bolus or basal change and am more apt to do something stupid than if I have fewer confirmatory screens.

Because I am a longtime Dexcom user, I have gone the Tandem route and look forward to someday getting access to things like Basal IQ and the future Control IQ. When I left Medtronic in 2012, it was purely because of their CGM’s. I was always happy with my MMT pumps.

It really is too bad that we have fewer pump choices than we did five years ago.

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Not in this lifetime! LOL! I want no part of MM’s CGM, ever again. I despise so many aspects of it and just because the newer one is “better”, it still has all the issues that I want no part of.

Thanks for those comments, Laddie. Sounds like we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. All I want is my 530 pump to keep on working, given the current crop of pumps. I guess the closest thing (and not all that close) would be the 630. sigh.

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@Dave44 - Why not just keep using your 530 then? Keep your options open.

When our previous pump, the Animas Ping ran out of warranty, we were not comfortable with any decision to move to another pump so we just stayed with it. We figured we had MDI as our backup plan.

We discussed and decided we would switch upon complete pump failure (using MDI for any interim period) or at such point as we felt like we were comfortable with our decision.

We ended up running an extra 2 years on the Animas Ping. Ultimately we did switch to the Tandem t:slim X2. (Which certainly has been an extremely positive experience for us.)

The original question deserves some additional information.

For the record I have used and loved both the 630g and 670g. The question of the difference is evolving. Up until at least one month ago the 630G had to use the enlite sensor. I know Medtronic has received approval and they have announced that they will be shipping the guardian 3 sensor for the 630g. The guardian 3 sensor is a major difference.

So my advice is that if you can have the guardian 3 sensor with the 630g and you do not want automode then go with the 630g. However, if you cannot have the guardian 3 sensor with the 630g then get the 670g even if you do not want the automode. Yes the guardian 3 sensor is that good. I believe all 630g pumps will support the guardian 3 sensor. But if you are trying to decide double check to make sure.

By the way for my money auotmode is great. I love it.

I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

If Dave does not want the Medtronic cgm (per his above post) then what would the difference (or benefits) be of the 530 vs 630 vs 670 ?

The guardian 3 currently on works on the 670g that I know of for certain. The guardian 3 is more stable, accurate and can be used up to 7 days.

The 630g used/uses the enlite sensor. That sensor is less expensive, less stable and less accurate. At present Medtronic is implementing the Guardian 3 sensors for the 630g I am not certain it works with models issued all the way back to the introduction. However I believe it will

The 630G pump is an updated 530g. the main advancage is the guardian sensor.

The 530g is being phased out as soon as possible. It uses the enlite sensor only. The enlite sensor is being discontinued.

I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Neither MM sensor is covered by Medicare so they are non-starters for me. Even with the discount-for-self-pay from Medtronic, the sensors are too expensive for my blood. And as I’ve stated so often, Enlites didn’t work for me. Even if Guardians are far better, I couldn’t afford them. I love my G5 but have great trepidation about being locked into a t:slim pump, given what I know and don’t like about it.

@Dave44 - Based on what @Rphil2 said above (unless I misunderstood in which please feel free to correct me) there is no beneficial difference between the 530, the 630 or the 670 if the Medtronic sensors are not being used.

I may have mentioned that I missed by about 60 days, the chance to order another 530. they just took them off the market last month and I’m not eligible for a replacement pump onto December. lousy timing. this is why I don’t buy lottery tickets.

I haven’t used the 630G, but I have used the Enlite sensors (back when I had the 530G). I love Auto Mode as well, but I guess if somebody does not like it, then it won’t make much difference whether they get 630G or 670G. However, if your insurance pays for it, I would suggest getting 670G either way, just in case you change your mind about Auto Mode

My wife has asked if Medicare pays for 670’s. I’ve no idea. And she is on the G5 so no compelling reason to go with guardian sensors, not covered by Medicare, not to mention the G5 works so darn well for both of us. It seems counterproductive to ditch the G5 given how well it works (for us). (sorry–I think I was just redundant. LOL)

I’m in the same boat but agree with @Tim35. There is no reason to upgrade if your current pump is still working and supplies are still readily available. We all use electronics well past their warranty date every day and yet for some reason with pumps people feel the need to get a new one the moment the expiration date passes…which makes sense if there’s something new available, but not if there are no good choices.

My Ping has been out of warranty for almost four years and I’m just now looking into the newly-available-in-Canada t:slim. The only other options before this were the OmniPod and MM 630G (though the 670G has just become available as well). To me the 630G and 670G seem identical aside from the sensor they use and auto-mode.

There is a new pump apparently coming to Canada (and maybe the US?) in the near future called the Ypsopump. I’d keep options open rather than going with something I didn’t like, personally.

As I was nodding off last night I realized I should have listed some direct pump differences, good and bad.

630g - color screen 530g - monochrome
630g - better screen outdoor sun 530g - worse screen outdoor sun.
630g - vertical profile on the belt 530g - vertical profile
630g - weighs more 530g - weighs less
630g - uses AA batteries 530g - uses AAA batteries
630g - waterproof up to 12 feet for 24 hours 530g - water can kill it

That is all i can i think of but there are likely other differences.

I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.