Type 1 Apps for Android

I just got a Samsung Galaxy SII new phone, it's really cool. I was wandering if any of you knew about any cool apps you could recommend.

I use OnTrack to log my sugars. Pretty customizable and works for me, but I'm not on a pump and don't do all kinds of crazy bolusing or basel changes throughout the day. I have a Sprint EVO.

Good recommendation. Thanks a lot !

Glucosurfer.org is a neat app, the developer of which, Holger Schmeken, is a member here? the display is a really nice way to display things. I don't actually use it as I'm too lazy to log stuff all the time but I tried it out and liked it a lot. http://glucosurfer.org/SMOsuite.dll?0FormFree&identity=&language=en&operation=GlucosurferIntro.dll?Intro&tabactiveid=1

There is one called glucool - there is a free and paid version. I use this one and find it quite good. But do a search on google play and see what comes up.

I also use this (the paid one)

What I see in google play is mostly apps for keeping track of the variables (BG, Carbs, Meds, etc) Does anyone know of an app that does calculations ? like suggesting the amount of insulin according to the BG and carbs ? like pump software does, that would be really cool.

One of our members, Jared, created a program that can help you determine the estimated amount you should dose. He started a discussion here: https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/new-program-makes-life-with-diabetes-a-little-easier

I hope it works on your phone.

The paid version of Glucool has a calculator for that :)

I like DSharpDiabetes. It is subscription based, but I find it very useful..


It has a free 2 week trial and can be used across any platform. I like the fact I can access it from anywhere, and I like the charts and graphs it puts out. The developer is also extremely helpful and nice.