Any good D& Pregnancy books out there?

I got the ADA book " Diabetes and Pregnancy: What to Expect" and found it not-that-helpful. Already knew 99% of the stuff in there. I’m looking for a more through guide what to expect pre, during, and post-pregnancy and things to be aware of, D-wise.(aka things to freak out about…lol)


Both ADA and Joslin have really basic information about D and pregnancy.

Info from RealityCheck based out of Australia is by far the best. They have an e-book here Hope this e-book can help you!

One of our members here - Cheryl - has written a book called “Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes” based on her blog “Managing the Sweetness Within.” It should be out in the spring of 2010. I found her blog a real help to me when considering pregnancy. I made a mental note of all the extra tests and doctor visits she chronicles and have found it to be pretty congruent with my experience thus far (I’m in my 22nd week of pregnancy).

I bought “When You’re a Parent with Diabetes,” and it was good, but it left me wishing for more detail about what to expect during pregnancy. Its focus seemed to be more on getting your A1c down before you get pregnant, which I consider common knowledge.

Hi Heidi, I bought the same book and had the same impression. It was much thinner than it appeared and not too much that I didn’t know already.

I’m waiting for Cheryl’s book as well!

In the meantime, the best resources are mothers who have been there. I am also on the following listserv and I read many of the posts and have learned a lot from them!
Positive Diabetic Pregnancies

thanks for the suggestions, I’ll definatly check them out!

Thanks, Kristin, for the info about that book coming out…I’m likely still not to have a good enough a1c(before then) so when it finally happens I’m sure that book will be well worn!

Same here! The book should be out in time for me too :slight_smile:

I don’t have any good book recommendations, but since I’ve found out that I am pregnant (15 weeks!!) I have been a frequent visitor to Just click on main forum and read the discussions. You can post questions, etc. It has been really helpful for me and makes me know that I am not even close to being alone in the diabetes and pregnancy journey!!

Hope this helps!!


I’m the Cheryl writing the book that MelissaBL mentioned (thanks!) and I typically tell people about the resources on this site,, (the pregnancy boards),, and the Yahoo Groups PositiveDiabeticPregnancies and PregnantPumpers (if you pump).

There are a number of blogs/bloggers who are either pregnant or have blogged about pregnancy, including mine (again, thanks Melissa!) SixUntilMe, Life of A Pregnant Diabetic, Kelsey Bonilla’s blog on HealthCentral, SugarDonor, Otoette (who wrote about type 2 and pregnancy) and Up The Duff WIth Diabetes (an Australian blog from a few years back). I am sure I am missing others, but try Googling diabetes and type 1 and pregnancy and blog and see what pops up.

My book will be out in 2010, and it’s the kind of insider’s guide I was looking for when I was pregnant–I’ve included the insights of more than 50 type 1 and type 2 women, along with some medical professionals, about what it’s really like to do diabetes and pregnancy right.

Good luck, everyone!


I’m glad there are now some books on the market. There were none when I had my kids, 1998, 2001 and 2004. I should have written my own book

Hi all–just lettting you know that my book, Balancing Pregnancy With Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby, began shipping from the printer on Friday April 9, so it’s finally available. You can order direct from the publisher, from other online retailers like Amazon or B&N, or ask your local bookstore to order it for you.

The publisher’s link is here:


Yay! I’ve been wondering… I pre-ordered on amazon, and they had no info for me! Can’t wait to get it!