Any good free online resources for diabetes management?

I know of a few good resources online like onetouch has OneTouch Gold which offers meal planning and such. And sugarstats offers ability to input sugars and meds in a online log. But I am curious if there are any free sites offering completely free resources to count calories and carbs, figure out carb to bg ratios, meal planning and a resource to log what you ate and help you figure out how many calories and carbs you ate. And any other sites that are worth using or keeping a eye out on :slight_smile:
I know dLife is a good resource too, but I also noticed some things require paying for the service. And with being on a tight budget I need to avoid paying anything extra if i can :slight_smile: gives you the ability to log all your food and calculate what you are eating. It’s free.

I use Abbots Copilot software. it tracks all info and it will calculate carbs per meal and record it and its free. Nice charts and logbook to take to doctor. the website for the download it