Free websites for logging sugars etc.?

What sites do you guys recommend, if any, for logging your sugars?

try or they’re both good!


Try which allows you to share your diary in discussions.
A general discussion can be found here.

I use sugarstates, I like it.

Other than logforlife, do any of these have a GOOD iPhone interface?


A good interface is a question of your personal taste and expectation. I created a test account that you and others can use to get an impression (the current time is calculated according to the users time zone that is adjustable in the settings, please enter glucose in mg/dL and carbs in gram):

iPhone (HTML):

Mobile phone (WAP):

Logon to with user=test04 and password=test04 to analyze your input.

Do you want to log your data to Web site…?

I am against posting your “private” data on internet if possible. I will have to make exception if I go on pump in near future (doctor can access web site through special software, but I need to post it to special site).

I use my own software for logging sugars and all other stuff, but it’s still experimental… You can give it try if you want…


Hey Andy,

I went to check out your software, but the links don’t seem to be working. I first tried to look at the screenshots and when that did not seem to do anything, I tried the others and likewise…nothing.

Mhm. Weird… Sourceforge must have been making upgrades again and this one apparently doesn’t work 100%… I will send them a mail, but you can try following link… It will not put you to homepage, but into project space, click on Download and you will have get to downloads…

I will try to get page fixed asap…


Yes… As I said… Sourceforge is making upgrades and they made mess of things. I have fixed pages, but I can’t upload them, so for time being here is link to temporary pages…

I will try to see that original pages are fixed ASAP, but it could take some time…

Have fun