Any good sites for the quick-set besides the stomach

looking for another pkace to put the 6mm quick-set for a very slender male. 6 foot 145 lb. Having issues with the stomach, soreness and swelling, and sometimes very sharp pains at inserction site. would the top of the thigh around the pocket area. the quick-set i use is 23 inches long. any help would be great
thanks Chuck

I've started using the top of my hip, around the back of it, sort of the top of my hipbone, to give my abdomen a break. I use Silhouettes but the same principle and all that.

i have moved it to my side and and found that it is really uncomfortable there. maybe because it is a little more sensitive there. i seen on you tube or some where a very slender female used the top of her thigh which to me would have to much muscle there?

I didn’t have much success with Quicksets, but yes, you would use the thigh, your love handles, or your butt. My problem with thigh sites was that I get catching my underwear on them and pulling out the set. Quicksets often hurt for me as if I was poking into muscle or bone. Had lots of site failures.

My opinion is that if you’re thin, the Silhouette with manual insertion is a better option.

Any place on your buttocks you can reach works for me with my quicksets. Im not skinny, but I save my tummy for the Dexcom sensors as I don't like them in any other location. For thighs, I am muscular and switched to the angeled sets so it works good where I can pinch a good amount of skin, usually on the top of my thigh as off to the side I get into to much muscle. Call Medtronic, they use to send a sample set of different infusin sets for you to try if needed. Regarding Lathump's problem of snagging sites and yanking them out - I am the queen of that, so I take a 2X2 piece of gauze, cut it in half to make it thinner, and just tape it (the edges) over the site. Works like a charm and have not yanked a site out since. Looks a little funny, but hey - beats losing a site the first day of inserting! good luck!

I use my sides and back above my waistline for my Quicksets. I have also used my hips and upper buttocks. I used to have problems with my sites pulling out too easily and switched to a different skin prep called SkinTac which works like glue -- it is hard to remove my sets sometimes but doesn't pull the skin off. Interestingly, since switching to the SkinTac, I have noticed that I never have any discomfort at my sites which is probably related to the fact that the SkinTac keeps the set from moving at all.

I use Quicksets, and I haven't had much success with my thighs, but my thighs are a lot more muscular. Give it a try, and just make sure to test frequently to make sure you are getting a good absorption.

I use the backs of my arms, I have long arms and can get 5 or 6 sets on each arm then I switch back to my Abs or sides...are you using the 6mm QS? I only use the QS on my arms and 13mm Silhouette's on my abs, they can be inserted at a shallow angle and are the best sets for a active person. You can also try Sure T's...if your not allergic to metal sets they can be stuck just about anywhere.

yes I use the 6mm quickset..... I do alot of lifting and bending at work and use my legs to help suport the weight so i am thinking the thighs are out of the question....I like the stomach area but not much there 30 inch waist LOL...i moved it to my love handle area again not much there and it is causeing some pain like it is poking something if i move the wrong way.....I tend to pull them out when i use the back of my arm so not a good place to put it. can't afford to keep trying place and they not work good since i by my supplies out of pocket Insurance charges me double if i go through them.

I am about the same size as you and use the inset 30 from animas and haven't had any problems. It goes in at an angle which is good for small people like us.

I would consider switching to a different kind of tubing since it is possible that your QS is not going to work out. Consider asking for samples from all of the major infusion set companies. Even standard infusion sets can be used if you use an adapter such as this one paradigm reservoir adapter

You need the long tubing to use your arms, then you can use a piece of paper tape on your shoulder to keep the strain off the infusion site. If you can use the Sure-T you can just pull it and move it if the spot is not comfortable. They are the least expensive set...they where developed for "Baby's" and small children.