Any good (trustworthy) resouce for diabetic recipes?

I don’t have too much trust in online resources I spot daily. Can you recommend any good resources that list recipes which are ok for diabetics? Thank you.

I have used recipes from both Weight Watchers and dLife with successful results.

If you eat low carb and I think most diabetics at least cut back on carbs, here are my favorites.

Phase 1 Low Carb Recipes by Better Home & Garden

George Stella’s Livin Low Carb

500 Low-Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender

I find grilling/BBQ and Stir-Frying are an easy way to cut carbs and you can always adjust sugar and salt content to whatever works for you. If I grill meat, i serve it with a vegetable and/or salad and stir frying is an easy way to get veggies in. Just try and stick to home made because BBQ/sauces can have lots of hidden sugar. If you eat out - ask about what is in the sauce.


MelissaBL, Noturningback, thank you so much!