MDI Seeks Looping Software for Platonic Relationship

I’m an X2 pumper taking a break and using MDI. It feels good to go back to basics and be disconnected for a while. Except I really miss having data to drive dosing decisions. Would any of the DIY software work for someone on MDI with a G6? Something with a good manual to show me the way? My must have features would be real time CGM display, a bolus calculator and works on an iPhone XR. Thanks for any advice you could offer.

I’m presently using Sugarmate and it really is a well constructed program. But, alas, does not offer bolus calculations.

I’m using the looping program for iPhone and Omni pod but it would require being on some type of pump. The program is also available for people using old Medtronic pumps. The need for an insulin pump is because the programs focus on adjusting your basal rates up or down according to your blood glucose readings from Dexcom. It could allow you to calculate bolus settings and might be able to also track the amount of insulin you have on hand. Some people run the program as an open loop where everything then has to be approved and entered manually. I don’t know if that would work for you with multiple daily injections but you could look at it.

Nothing comes to mind. That’s a bummer. There’s gotta be something.

Trying to turn this into a positive, there’s always a chance that its ‘good for you’ to play by ear. Its possible that you could WAY out perform the calculator. It’s never really hurt me to shift the paradigm around a bit on how I view the illness and treatment.

Ahh ha! Here’s one.

MySugr is a nice product but the bolus calculator isn’t available in the USA. I’ve considered giving the inPen a try as well but, from following a group of users, it seems they are often fighting the software which makes editing spurious data awkward or even impossible. Jade offers a bolus calculator but data entry is tedious and I find the associated “prediction” simply inaccurate. Diabetes:m doesn’t link up with Dexcom. And so it goes. I was hoping that in the DIY community someone had done an xDrip “lite” version for those on MDI. Thank you for your responses though. The feature I most miss going from pumping to MDI is knowing IOB when calculating insulin doses. But, I seem to be doing find going by intuition on that one.

Anybody have the formula that is typically used.

Maybe I could write you a program that does the calculation.
It is kinda silly that we don’t have this.
It might not be that hard and I just finished all my work.

I need a new project to avoid going insane, lol.
If others wanted to help, we might be able to make something better.

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That’s the rub. It’s not just the calculator that is needed it’s the whole program. In order to track IOB all of my data needs to be continuously present - carbs, bolus insulin doses, blood glucose reading and my settings. I already do the math when figuring a dose based on correction and coverage. But to consider IOB takes it to another level of data collection. There is a program call RapidCalc that will spit out my dose but it doesn’t factor in CGM readings. I’m asking for a lot, I know. I’m asking for the intelligence of pump software for MDI use. But thank you so, so much for offering to write a program that would calculate insulin doses. How generous!

I was just about to recommend rapidcalc. Although it doesn’t connect with a cgm, it does track IOB so it may be a good stop gap until something better comes along. Just that one extra step of entering your blood glucose reading when calculating the bolus.

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You can check out this, but in past year there have been changes that make it harder to install.

(There is a spike app in IOS store, but it is different).


Thank you for that link. This is what I was looking for. I’m somewhere between a geek and a noob so I’m going to wait for the newest level user software to be available before jumping in. But this program looks great.

While reconsidering what comprehensive software is out there for MDI users I took another look at Jade. This program has been out there for a while but under different names. It also looks like the developer continues to support it and there have been improvements since my last trial. Giving it a try and so far, so good.