Any recumbents?

Anybody riding a recumbent? I’m considering getting a recumbent trike after last year’s trouble with neck and current hand problems. I rode a Easy Gold Rush just a few months for a while a few years back. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to try the alternative technology.

I’m considering a Greenspeed, ICE, CatTrike, or HP Velotechnik. I’m lucky enough to have a good dealer in trikes a few hours away.

Check out this trike rider. I thought long distance cyclist diabetics were tough, but this guy is something!

I’ve been riding trikes for years. Started out with a Hase Kettweisel, went to a Greenspeed GT3 and now I have a Trice Adventure. They’re a hoot, so much more comfortable than wedgies. I can’t stand lactic acid buildup, so I like that I can go as slow as I need to up steep hills and not fall over.