For The First Time In 11 Years

I am going bike riding!

I haven’t ridden a bike since my first horseback riding accident where I fractured 2 vertebrae in 2004. Thanks to the CGM, a low carb diet–along with supplements for my adrenals–I have been able to sustain longer and more vigorous exercise to strengthen my core. And, this weekend, I’m hopping back on a bike for a few short rides on Lopez Island. This could be a game changer…

Wish me luck :wink:


Good luck! Your fight to reclaim your health inspires. :bicyclist:

Well I wish you luck and pure joy on your pretty, peaceful, pastoral.ride!

Good Luck!

You might want to look into a recumbent tricycle - they are serious pedal machines that are perfect for folks with back, hand, wrist or neck problems. A properly fitted recumbent trike will leave you with a silly grin, tired legs and nothing in pain!

Recumbent trike example.

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Awesome tell us how it goes.

I’m back!

I rode for about 40 minutes–approx. 3.5 miles. The endorphins that come with exertion and the wind blowing through my hair as I soared downhill…all translates into HAPPY!

My bg at start was 143 (took less fast acting insulin in the AM in preparation. I stopped when bg was 109 and trending down–right before lunch. Took a little less fast acting at lunch and had some fresh squeezed carrot juice as well…bg was right around 100 until 5ish, and then it headed down pretty fast. 60 at 5:30…seemed like I was snacking through the evening to get it above 100 before going to bed. I don’t really want to take less lantus, so I think I will cut back on fast-acting even a little more.

The ride took me a little over the edge of what my adrenals can do graciously, but I recovered within 24 hours. I will just keep building my endurance through exercise, and get myself a bike with higher handlebars to help keep my back erect aka Townie :wink: I looked at the recumbent bike @YogaO…it is SO different than what I’m used to, I would need to try it out before committing to a purchase…who knows, though, maybe I’ll find a way to do that :wink:

This was the first bike ride, but–for sure–it won’t be the last.

I have a short video clip of me right after I got on the bike, but the file isn’t authorized for this forum. You can find it here on Facebook if you’d like to see it Speed Demon!

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YAY! Very excited for you! Sounds like you handled it well, congrats!

The Townie is a great choice, because it has what is known as a “crank forward (CF)” design. Thank you @Ahnalira for reminding me of CF style bikes.

No, that doesn’t mean you will be cranky before your ride! It just means that you are placed in a more upright position with your feet a bit forward of your body. It really reduces the pressure on your wrists and lower back. Of course, as you get more into bike riding it also increases your wind resistance, but still a great choice for casual riding around the neighborhood or along bike trails.

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Thank the Heavens for that! :wink:

Back in the day–like 30 years ago–I could bike 25 miles in a day without needing any recovery time at all. If I get back to that level of fitness, I’ll write a book, right? AND, I’ll probably have the core strength back to accommodate the angle for my spine of a more traditional ride and the lessened wind resistance Until then, I’m happy, though, to bike even 5 miles :blush:

@YogaO, you write like you must be a biking fool like me!

Oh, I’m a fool all right! Pick a category … :joy: :laughing: :joy: :laughing:

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