Any SF Bay Area 1.5 people out there?

I’m newly diagnosed 1.5 and am looking for an endo for a second opinion. Someone who really understands 1.5. Anyone out there?

Dr. Lawerence Crapo located in San Jose, Ca. He is wonderful!!! Hope this helps you.


Both Manny Hernandez and I have adult-onset Type 1 (Type 1.5) and we are in the SF Bay Area. A friend of mine with adult-onset Type 1 diabetes really likes Dr. Joe Prendergast at the Endocrine Metabolic Center in Palo Alto. Dr. Douglas Zlock, associated with John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, is excellent. I have Kaiser, and see Dr. Pamela Kershner at Kaiser Walnut Creek. She’s great. I hope this helps.


is Dr. Lawerence Crapo focus on LADA / 1.5?

Thanks so much.

I’m also LADA 1.5 and I see Dr Peter Linfoot in Lafayette . His Physicians assistant Meghan Saint is the best because she’s type 1 herself and understands what we go through everyday.
Good luck!

Here, here! :slight_smile:

I was going to also say: Dr. Linde @ Palo Alto Medical Foundation is amazing!


Why is Dr. Linde amazing?

I’m looking for someone to help me figure out the question of whether it’s a good idea to start insulin early to preserve your beta cells, or just wait till you need it. Someone who really understands the issues, research, etc.


I am not sure, but he is very established in Endo. and teaches at Santa Clara Valley Med. Hospital in San Jose. He saved my life…when i got daibetes I almost died and went to another Endo. and he was awful. I found Dr.Crapo and WOW he was great and very down to earth and kind and SMART. I have moved, and no longer go to him. and have NOT found another doctor that compares to hi,!! maybe you can set up just a “consult” appt. and talk with him.


Great. Thank you!

Hi there! I am in Sonoma County and was diagnosed with lada/1.5 five years ago after the birth of my daughter. I go to Kaiser Santa Rosa and the endo there is great. Let me know if you’d like more info! - R