Any trouble with sites staying stuck post swim?

I use the animas ping and the 6mm straight infusion sets.

Summer is finally in New England & I went swimming for the first time on the 4th. I woke up groggy the next day, went pee, got up to wash my hands and felt something dangling around my knees. It was my site dangling from the pump clipped to my knickers.

So much for the sites being able to withstand water…maybe the pump is waterproof but the site isn’t :frowning:

I have since tried disconnecting, waterproof taping the site down, duck-taping, putting a waterproof bandaid over and no real luck

I have a bunch of iframes … which i am going to try next. tho the animas trainers said i wouldn’t need them…

Hi Dave
I use the Unomedical Inset, the tubing is connected to connector needle which snaps directly into cannula housing. Are you suggesting to cut the IV3000 to allow the housing to pop/ fit up over the IV3000?

Thanks for the info on the IV Prep!

I use IV3000 in this way as well (insert infusion set on skin, cut “modified squarish hole” in IV3000 and place over the infusion set.

Works well for me!

Ok I will def give it a try. Thanks Kristin & Dave

I am a new pumper. My site did come off because the skin was not dry. I scrub the skin area thoroughly to remove any oils and let dry thoroughly. I usually have to work at it to remove the infusion connector. Hope this help

great ideas so far! I also will blow dry (light heat!) my site when I get out for a moment to help it dry quicker.

yay thanks for everyone's help this feels MUCH more secure

I agree with Dave. I personaly use skin prep and I love it. Something that also might work is the Skin Shield from Walgreens. It forms a waterproof barrier. I also use this and it works great!

I went to a waterpark this weekend and left my pump on and MAN was it liberating. I was a little anxious about keeping it protected but I eventually let it go. I got a few looks of inquiry and one little girl swam right up to me and asked “is that a pump”. She told me she was diabetic too and we had a great little chat. Who knew it would be such a conversation starter :smiley:

Thanks for all of your help!