Any Type 2 pump users out there?

Hi! I’m Stacy. I had gestational diabetes with two pregnancies (2001 and 2003) and was diagnosed with Type 2 in 2005. My diabetes journey has taken me from managing with diet and exercise, to oral meds, to a non-insulin injectable med, to insulin shots and–just over a year ago–to wearing an insulin pump.

I have never met nor talked to a Type 2 diabetic with a pump and feel kind of like “The Lone Ranger.” Anyone out there like me?

I’m not a type 2 with a pump but I am type 1 with a pod and wore a pump for several years. I can’t relate to you entirely but I feel extremely left out sometimes as most diabetics I have personally met don’t use a pump. I also feel like those who don’t use one don’t understand the differences.

Hi, Elyssia! Thanks so much for your reply. Do you like your pod? I’ve seen them and am intrigued. I like the idea of no tubing!

Honestly I do a pod, dexcom combination and until I switched I didn’t try ely know what it felt like to live to the fullest like I’ve been able to with the pod! You literally feel like you’re not wearing a device which is worth more than words. Also, I don’t know how much insulin you take but I would always get air bubbles in the pump, that’s a non issue with the pod. The only complaint I have is that they do seem to not work more frequently but that’s almost a non issue because I can spot it early and they replace the pods that don’t in every case I’ve reported.

My current diagnosis is Type 1, but I started on a pump (and CGM) when I was still diagnosed as Type 2. For me, changing to a pump has allowed me to maintain the good control I want without going low twice a day. My endo and I tried various basal adjustments while I was on MDI, but it got to the point that any change we made worked for 2 days and things went badly from day 3 on – one unit/day up, I couldn’t control highs, one unit down, I fell back into the pattern of twice-daily lows. Pump solved both of those issues.

Of course, diabetes changes and new issues arise, but I’m managing fairly good control (A1c in the low-mid 5’s) with nearly zero lows and absolutely no severe lows.

And yes, I felt like a ‘lone wolf’ and wondered how I was somehow privileged to get access to tools others also ought to have but cannot get…

“And yes, I felt like a ‘lone wolf’ and wondered how I was somehow privileged to get access to tools others also ought to have but cannot get…“This statement breaks my heart and is so true. We forget how blessed we are in the midst of adversity sometimes.

I’m a T2 with a pump…Medtronic 523. Started out on oral meds in 1984, was put on insulin in 1989, went on a pump in 2002. Best thing ever. A1c’s have been running between 6.1 and 6.8 ever since I’ve been on the pump…could not get them below 7.2 prior to that.

I also consider myself to be very lucky for having good insurance and a wonderful pcp/endo who is a pleasure to work with and who always advocates for the best treatment for his patients.

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Hi, I have been on an Animas Ping for more than 8 years, Type 2. I really like it and don’t mind the tubing in any way. Adjusted in a minute and consider my tethered pump to be a my little friend. Likewise, I don’t know anyone with a pump, Type1 or 2. On the blogs and forums I read the stuff for Type 1 and 1.5 (LADA) who use pumps. The information about pump stuff is basically the same for anyone on a pump.

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