Any update on Dexcom integration?

Does anyone have an update on Dexcom integration? About a month ago, I saw a photo in an Insulet investors’ presentation of an updated PDM with a screen similar to the Dexcom 7+ (glucose trend arrow, graph, etc.). I have been drooling ever since.

Having an insulin pump controller, CGM, and glucose meter combined in a single unit is just too outrageously awesome for me to be patient! (Heck, integration of the CGM and glucose meter alone is awesome -- no more synching the units together for CGM calibration.)

Hi. I remember your post with the photo you took. I was at a JDRF retreat about a month ago and I asked one of the vendors about this. I can’t remember whether he was representing Dexcom or OmniPod, but I think it was Dexcom. The man I spoke with confirmed unofficially that they are working on it and his personal shot-in-the-dark guess (again, totally unofficial) about the ETA was that it might be available within the next year. Please keep me posted with anything else you find out about it and I’ll do the same.

I talked to a Dexcom rep about a month ago, after seeing the post here, and he said they haven’t finished clinical trials yet, but were hoping to within the next couple of months.

What does this mean? After clinical trials are done, they need to gather all the documentation together, write reports, have them reviewed by Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs personnel, and then submit them to the FDA. FDA review is notoriously slow…So I’m not holding my breath. I think what Carolyn heard from the vendor is probably accurate, that it’ll be here within the next year, but probably not much sooner than a year :frowning: It seems like it should be so simple, really, since all they’re doing is combining two already existing pieces of equipment, but the number of tests that need to be done for medical devices is always extensive…These things always seem to take so much longer than you expect.

Right now I’m just looking forward to the smaller pods, which are supposed to be out by the end of the year. (We’ll see if that’s actually true, since I think originally they were supposed to be out over a year ago!)

There was some talk about the integration during the recent Insulet earnings call. The optimistic expectation is 3rd quarter.

I had a chance to use the DexCom receiver and the PDM side by side during my last vacation. The PDM was very hard to read outdoors. The DexCom receiver was very easy to read. I will only give up my DexCom receiver if the PDM gets a vibrate feature and the screen is readable outdoors.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long given that this is simply integration of preexisting devices. Regulatory review would probably take longer if new features that take advantage of the integration are introduced (e.g., automatic suspension of insulin deliver if the CGM detects hypoglycemia).

We are Omnipod, Dexcom, and Copilot Health Management users and got tired of having to keep track of both Copilot and Dexcom reports. I wrote a conversion program that allows the Dexcom CGM data to be input into the Copilot system so we have CGM overlayed onto our Modal plots. I thought about waiting for the Omnipod and Dexcom integration but I feel it will be next year before we see any updates (especially if they are still in clinical trials). So I took it on my own to atleast make my life easier. I have a link here to my post:

Like you I am tired of having to calibrate the Dexcom to manual BG values…

Totally. I am mystified that CGM receivers lack BG meters. This seems like such an obvious no-brainer to me. Keep up the good work.

I think the Navigator has a built in meter for calibration. Of course using freestyle strips.

integration means being locked into a specific brand of bg strips and sometimes insurance doesn’t cover that brand

As long as it would allow for manual calibration, that wouldn’t be a problem, though.