Dexcom/Omnipod Integration?

Has anyone heard anything further as to what is going on with the proposed integrated Dexcom/Omnipod integration? As a reformed Minimed Paradigm (722) user the one thing I do miss, for all its faults, is the integrated CGMS system. My wife especially misses it as it would alert her to any overnight issues (even if I slept through most alarms). It would be great to have it all in one wireless controller.

Also, if there has been any updates, any word on the form factor? I like the look and controls of the new G4 receiver. As good as the current Omnipod is it still looks like a bad 80s handheld video game.

My only source of information are the quarterly earnings calls. Dexcom stated that nothing is going on with Insulet. Insulet stated that talks about integration have been resumed. My opinion: Insulet's focus is on getting the smaller OmniPod approved. Insulet suggested that this will happen in Q1 2013. I expect that Insulet will file an application for the integrated PDM with the FDA shorty after that. As far as I know, all newer PDMs have the ability to also receive data from Dexcom sensors. It is just a matter of getting the FDA stamp of approval. If it wasn't for the FDA we could have gotten a firmware upgrade 3 years ago and done away with one of the remotes.

I have not heard anything good about integration. I am a reformed Mimimed user as well. I love Dexcom G4. I am using Omnipod despite a few flaws. It's such a nice change after years of pump with cord. Yes, It was nice to have sensor integrated. It would be awesome to have something like this with Omnipod. From my experience with D4 we may not get a reliable answer until the product is officially announced. Regarding the design, this should be significantly improved. Look at Dexcom, the difference is huge. I find the advance in pumps/sensors quite exciting. I am glad that you have similar experience. Let's hope for the best,

I just got my first pump today. The Omnipod representative I met with said they are doing animal trials now on an Omnipod/Dexcom integrated device.

Hi Jim,

Check out their new 7 plus's smaller and the receiver is tinier than the G4 receiver. You might like that too. I'm looking into both devices now.

As far as integration...I agree with you and it would be great....but here's why I see their integration not being so simple - and their being delays with approval.

For one with integration, the Insulet runs the liability of users falsely assuming that "what #'s they see on the CGMS is where they are currently for BG values" and improperly bolus themselves and that would be dangerous. It could get messy if a user gave him/herself too much insulin because "that's what my pump told me!!". I'm sure Omnipod's legal team would have a provision that would free them from this liability however.

Also, integrating two devices means tougher challenges supporting the device when the system crashes. Maybe it could be done.

And I agree with you about the Omnipod form factor. It's weak and stuck in a time warp! Where's the cool factor? I feel that they could attract more customers with a cooler user interface too. For one...the lighting on the Omnipod display is too dim (forget trying to read it on sunny days) and could be crisper, clearer. Maybe Apple's engineering team could help create a clearer screen and overall smoother button interface that isn't so akward (How about flat-screen displays). With all the software engineers today, it could be done. The other thing is their crappy software that downloads meter readings to for charts, graphs. I took the last one in to my doctor and she could not read it....And why isn't their software running on Macs as well? There are plenty of college kids, teenagers who don't uses PC's. Regardless, I'm sticking with Omnipod because the tubeless aspect is tremendous and I will still give them very high marks for making me feel less encumbered.