Any update on the Ping

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I have not heard anything in a awhile but was wondering if anyone here has gotten any updated info on when they plan to merge the Dexcom CGM with the Ping. I talked to the rep in Jan of this year and he said about 6 months but I know they were behind. Has anyone gotten anything new or updated.

Have heard from similar sources to look at 1/2011

I got my Dexcom about a month ago and inquired with the rep for my area. I was told that they are shooting for Q2 of next year at the latest, so perhaps it will be earlier?

I just heard from my local territory manager yesterday that Animas is coming out with 2-3 new things this year. She couldn’t elaborate on what exactly (I know!) but she said it’s a good time. Now I have no idea if any of those things will have to do with the Dexcom integration but something is in the works.

My rep said " We dont know."
I decided I dont need a Dexcom anyway.
Too many numbers to keep track of, when my poor mind is already way too overloaded.
And I need my Tylenol. I just dont have unpredictable lows to track and worry about.
She also indicated it’s a possibiltiy that the pIng remote may be upgraded to a better screen.
My warranty is up next Summer, so I hope they have plans for people who cannot afford to pay their full amount.
My copay is a lousy 50 percent.

I talked to a rep the other day, and he had no idea. Couldn’t even estimate. If the territory managers are in the know, they sure aren’t sharing it with the reps…or the customers! Greedy b#$&@rds want to get you to commit, then pay to upgrade. It’s pointless anyway, until hey come out with another 300 unit model. That’s why I still have my IR1000; although I’m about to switch to the Revel for the CGM.

Yes I heard that have it all set up but waiting for aproval of the new ping . I asked the diabtes ED at animas should I order a Dexcom they told me that the new ping will should be out the by years end ( I am in the honeymoon stage of D1 and have lows thats why I wanted one) Thats when them told me that the new ping would be better for me and I could upgrade my ping.

When aproved it will be out. LETS HOPE

I am or will be NEW to the pump thing any basic things I should know?

I am nervous but they tell me its better than taking 4-5 shots a day plus all the pills and I can cut meds in 1/2…

is it really easy? and not complicated?


The pump is like any other tool - you get into it what you put into it. Its not a magic machine that makes diabetes like living without it. You still have to stick your finger for a bg test, however you can just select the amount of insulin you need to cover the carbs and press a button.
You will have to insert the site which is not hard but then you have to watch for kinking of the line (if you go with a line). It has lots of programming features for really good tracking and you can download it all. Most I know stay on it but a few try it and go back to MDI. Its just how it works for you.

I havent heard any updates on the Animas/Dexcom merge; however, I am hearing some information about a new meter-remote for the ping. I’ve been hearing rumors that a improved screen (maybe color like pump) and faster speed when using the meter. Anyone hear anything about this?

Brain, all my rep would say is she has heard it too.
But has no details.

That would be absolutely wonderful. The meter-remote is the only thing I wish was different. I love the Ping and I’ve only been using it since 9/23/10. It really is hard to see the meter-remote screen sometimes.

Poor Brian, I made him "Brain."

Scuttle I received today is the paperwork is on the desk at FDA. My person’s lips are getting tighter though.

Merger - no. Combined product - YES!

Hope so waiting to see it . Might upgrade if all is good

Are we talking new Meter paperwork or new CGM intergration with Ping pump paperwork??

I emailed a rep at Dexcom in regards to this and she said they are waiting for the FDA approval and once they get that they can announce the release date.

Scuttle I have is a little of all of the above. Lifescan is tightening the +/- 20% on BGs. Dexcom is decreasing warmup time and a better algorithm and Animas has paperwork supposedly in front of FDA for a combined meter/remote/CGM receiver.

Hope this helps, Keith. Watch and


I created a new post about this but Animas Canada released a new meter remote with a color screen this past weekend. I guess we will have to wait on FDA as i dont see why they would wait in the U.S. unless something was holding them up. But anyway the new meter remote looks very nice and i wish they had it here:(

wow. I hope they do and I hope it doesn’t cost a fortune.

The current meter is so dim, even when using the backlight.

This would be just awesome to have!