Anybody know where I can get free/discounted pump?

Hi, I’m self employed with pre-existing conditions and can’t afford health insurance. I’d like to get a pump. Does anyone know of a pharmaceutical company that would help me? Also, what is monthly cost of maintenance and supplies for the pump system? Thanks!

I doubt you will have much luck with free unless you are a full time college student (there are programs like iPump out there to help), but some pump companies will offer financial aid. All of them offer interest free finance plans as well.

Supplies are $200-300 a month depending on which sets you use and how often you change them, plus the cost of insulin.

Thanks Sarah!

Do a google search on Animus Insulin Pump, you will see that a Distributor of Animus is selling it for about $4,200.

That’s a big savings over the regular price. Thanks, Estel!

It’s more than my insurance paid for mine… talk to Animas, they may be able to help you out quite a bit :slight_smile:

I just talked to Animus – they are awesome! They’ll let me put half $ down and pay the balance in small monthly payment. I’m very excited. Thanks!

That’s great news!