Insulin pump/supplies assistance

Is there a program or grant out there that can help me get an insulin pump? In order for me to get an insulin pump, i am required to pay 20% of the cost. The pump is 6500$ and i do not have $1300 to pay for the item.Also the supplies would run to about 200 a month out of pocket. Just at this time with economy I can’t afford that. How can i get some help? Please advise


I don’t know if anything on here will help, but this site has some information on places to ask for assistance. Also, if you have picked out which kind of pump you want, check with the company about getting a refurbished one instead of a brand new one - alot of people do that. You would get a warranty just like you do with a new pump. Not sure what you would do about the supplies though. This link also says to check with the company and they can put you in touch with places that will assist you.