Money can be tight with todays economy, are there places to get help?

I have read some discussions on not giving insulin for a day or so and also on the benefits of pumping insulin rather then injections. Neither answers my question but adds more questions, and no, not going to give up taking insulin even though spiritually there is a good point. My question is, with the price of getting an insulin pump fairly high (I understand there is a good reason for that), cost being somewhere above $500 or $600 at least, out of pocket for the person getting a pump, is there a scholarship or anything like that out there that can help someone financially get a pump when money is tight. Yes, the person can stay on shots till they can afford it but having better control like you can get with a pump can make a big difference later down the road; so to be able to get one now could be great benefit for the long term thinker. Any comments on this matter would be great, maybe not just for me but anyone else that has the same question as I feel it may be on others minds as well. Thanks.

I know Animas has interest free payments plans starting at $50/month for your copay. You still have to have a way to pay for pump supplies…Not cheap!

You should also check out I have heard that do great things in getting people help with pump access.

I was also going to suggest

I consider myself fortuate for my husbands insurance . . .we had no copay - if we did we would not have been able to put both him or our daughter on the pump. MDI with humalog/lantus can get you pretty close bc you do essentially the same thing . . .counting carbs at each meal and you have more flexibility of what you eat and when you eat . . .My DH was on MDI for over 5 years - NPH/R before that and the control was dramatically improved with MDI.


Thank you Mandy and Vicki S. These are good things to know and for sure will look into I am talking with the animas rep and he knew nothing about this site. I told him to look at it as it is a great place to receive help from someone who has been there and done that. I hope he likes it as much as I do. Thanks again for your help.

Yes, I agree, I have heard can be very helpful.

Also, Manny posted a list of helpful resources recently:

I hope these are helpful!