Anybody live in Washington State?

We are thinking about moving from PA to WA. Here in PA having T1 makes my son (11 yrs) is eligible for Medicaid. Is anyone familiar if T1 makes you eligible for Medicaid in WA?

I live in Washington state. Washington, in general, takes really good care of its people, but I couldn’t tell you specifically what the requirements are for your situation. I suggest you google :wink:

Hi Yifat,
You can contact CHIP here:

CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Program can answer my questions about:
Health insurance programs to children whose families earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid, but not enough to purchase private insurance. Toll Free: (800) 562-3022, (In state only 877-543-7669) Spanish: (877) 543-7669

and here is the website: