Anybody using Calorie King's software?

I’ve got a laptop with Windows Vista Business 2007 – 32 bit version

and a Palm Tungsten T5

I would like to use the CalorieKing Diet & Exercise Log, but the website does not include Window’s Vista in the specifications. I contacted their helpdesk and they said it would be fine

As you can imagine, I’m not satisfied that they are giving me the whole story (such as, why would that not be included in their website specifications?

Anybody got any suggestions for me? (short of installing a different operating system – gotta integrate with other computers and my pals not willing to change back)


I use the software on a vista laptop and it works very good. Only 1 problem with it on Vista, and they have a work around posted on the website for it. When you update the database you have to go through a little process. It is not a difficult process, thankfully. In fact, I have the procedure included below.

In order for the Nutrition and Exercise Manager to be able to update the food database, it needs to escalate its privileges to an Administrator level. By default, even if you have logged in Windows Vista using an “Administrator” account, running applications will be run with the least amount of privilege.

How to escalate the privilege for updating the food database:

  1. On your desktop, right-click on the “CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager” icon.

  2. You will be presented with a pop-up menu.

  3. From the pop-up menu, choose the option to “Run as administrator”.

  4. Depending on what type of Windows user account you have logged into at the time, you will get one of the following:

  • For an Administrative Windows user account: when the “User Account Control” prompt appears, choose the “Allow” option.

  • For a Standard Windows user account: When prompted for an administrator account, enter the username and password for an enabled Administrative Windows user account on your computer.

  1. The Nutrition and Exercise Manager will begin to start.

  2. When the CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager has started, choose from the “File” menu, “Update Food Database” to begin the process of updating the food database.

  3. When the database has updated, exit the Nutrition and Exercise Manager.

  4. Start the Nutrition and Exercise Manager normally (i.e.: without escalating privileges) and you should now be able to access the updated food database.

Thanks All – its a big help

What have you valued about this program? What bugs you about it?
It doesn’t log insulin and BG’s – are you using spreadsheets to track that info?


Being a T2, I don’t have to worry too much about that. It does a wonderful job tracking nutrition information. You can even set up your own recipes, favorite recipes, etc. Has the majority of fast food and sit down eating places in it too. Easy to use. Easy to learn. Other than the updating database issue, nothing really bugs me about it.

For my BG I just use my UltraSmart and download into the OneTouch software or use the charts that are included on the UltraSmart.

Your problem of finding software to work with Vista is not unique. My suggestion is to skip Vista and re-install XP. Vista is so bad that most companies (like the 35,000 employee pharma I work for) are skipping it in favor of Windows 7.

Skipping Vista in favor of Windows 7 is like skipping a hot fudge sundae for dipped cone instead. You are getting the same thing, just in a slightly different package with a few extras left out. Part of the issue with large companies is insuring that mission critical software will work on the new configuration, on all machines. And you also have legecy issues of will our accounting or tracking or whatever software, written for win2k, still work?

As a home user, the only concern used to be drivers. Since Vista has been out about two years now, that should no longer be a concern. Everything that will be upgraded to Vista, has been. Dont get me wrong, I like the idea behind win7, that of a vista machine that runs leaner and faster. Take off all the bells and whistles that most businesses don’t need or want.

Any that is my $0.02 with regard to OS’s

I just use calorie kings free web base search and then add the foods in to my own database

Agreed. But I’m on a Mac and very few of these diabetes apps run on my platform. No. It’s not a big enough problem that I would be willing to pay for a Windows license to run any of it.

How do you get the calorie king software I use the book …Darlene

I also have vista is that a problem?