Anyone else dealing with other immune system disorders such as CVID?

I know that autoimmune diseases seem to clump together with T1, but we seem to just keep getting kicked in the teeth with it. My DD was dx with T1 at age 4 (now almost 11) and she had belly problems long before that. Since then her blood sugar has gotten progressively worse and the last 2-3 years she has a respiratory infection about ever 30 days (except during the summer where its a little longer between). She has had sinus surgery once. I pushed for celilac tests and we started that last summer.

The celiac blood test came back atypical - her Igg and Iga were low so then we had a scope. After a scope Doc says no intestial damage but there is gastritis and espohogitis and lactose intolerance oh and her thyroid is off. So we start taking thyroid meds, previcid, insulin, and allergy meds, but she doesn’t have allergies and eliminated dairy for 2 months.

9 months later I had her tested through enterolab who says she has imuune response to gluten and dairy and she carries genes for celiac and gluten sensativity. (we’ve been gluten free for about 2 weeks but not totally dairy free) She is scheduled for sinus surgery for second time in less than 2 years and her immunologist runs another panel and her Igg is ever lower so she must have antibody infusions before surgery.

Has anyone else had problems like this with your diabetes? Any experience taking IVIG? I"m just so frustrated with the whole process and she just wants to feel better.