Anyone else read the stuff about Nitric Oxide?

This is a long a rather involved article about Nitric Oxide

It’s interesting, but the only recommendation is that diabetics can benefit from getting some sun.

Hi Chuck, Lazy me… but is that why everyone says we need to go for a walk? Not only does it help burn a few calories; but it also gives us that wonderful sunlight and extra bit of oxygen that brings about some healing factors.
I can only say that when I do get up and moved out doors, I have more energy:)
I know some people even have lots of house plants to to keep the air fresh,clean and much more healthy in their homes.
I"ll go back and read more in a bit… :slight_smile: just had to put a off the top of my head thought in:)
MeadowLark…hee hee! It’ll remind me I got something new to learn!
OK I just read the summary! Wow! Our bodies sure do alot of stuff without us knowing a thing about it! LOL! Me thinks I’ll get off my lazy can and move outside for a little walk and maybe on sunny days chase the kids a bit more! I think I like NO and I think I’d like to know that more NO is playing in my bloodstream:D

No I haven’t read anything about it but after I had the pancres transplant then rejected the transplant Dr told me to stay out of the sun!Maybe they have made improvements on it.

I knew that lounging by the side of the pool had to be good for something!