Anyone get genetic testing related to diabetes?
lots of associated problems with the T allele, but my CT is a little better than TT.

I posted more in the LADA forum, but since the TCF7L2 gene T allele is associated with both LADA and type 2, I thought I'd post over here as well. You can see my more extensive comments in the LADA forum if you are interested.

Yes, I did. At the time of my diagnosis of diabetes, I was maybe 5lbs overweight and very active with no family history of diabetes. Endo thought I had LADA. He told me of signs to look for of LADA. Last year, my glucose levels would spike to 520 and down to 200 at night. I went to a new Endo who tested for LADA. She came back and told me I was Type 2. I am confused by my case I just treat it now the best I can.

Just to give a flag up on a different kind of genetic testing. I have asked one of my sons and will shortly ask the other to have them and their children enter Trial Net. I know the one son I asked entered the program and is waiting for results. This is available to type 1's and I hope if you are a type 1 or LADA that you ask your siblings, children and everyone else can have the test to enter trial net. Here is a BLOG I wrote on the subject a couple of weeks ago.

I hope you will consider it, as a child of a diabetic this is important stuff.

Thanks for the consideration


Keep me posted on how that trial net goes Rick… Both my kids are enrolled but haven’t been tested yet because there are no labs in our area that are contracted with them so we have to wait for the mobile blood bank which is approved or travel to a lab location (distances in Alaska are on a whole different scale)

I had genetic testing years ago for celiac and the one that predisposed me to celiac is also a common gene for T1D.