Anyone have a doxie

i have a daschund and i love him to death he is a red hair ,short hair cutie anyone want to tell me about theirs

My whole family has mini’s as my uncle used to breed them. We love our’s to pieces but boy do they all have attitude! LOL

I had a red doxie for 11 years. He was very sweet and loving. He did have allergies to grass and one or two bouts of back trouble. He was the most humble dog I ever had.

Dear Aubrey. We have a super civilized Wheaton Terrier. He has wool coat as a lamb. Knows how to eat off a fork. Knows names of familly members. Looks like a Gund Teddy Bear. The tamest beast I ever me would even great Robbers as long lost friends.

its hard not to love them. mine still is not potty trained which is pretty anoying but you still cant help but love them. i just started mine on a raw diet and he loves it u guys should totally try it.

Someday I’ll get a doggie. I wanted one when I was growing up. Sadly, my parents always told me to take one of my seven younger brothers or sister for a walk around the block whenever I asked for a doggie.