Anyone have info on next generation MM CGM sensor?

Title says it all. I understand the in the ~~6 month time frame MM hopes to have a new sensor that will be much smaller, officially approved for 6+ days, and have a 90 degree angle of insertion.

Does anyone have any more specific details on it? Photos? Time frames? Finally, can anyone confirm if it will use the current transmitter (as I have heard) or require a new one?

My understanding, from a MM rep, is that they’re applying to the FDA for 144 hours (6) days approval for their current sensor. The next sensor, which is supposedly not just smaller but also more accurate, is still probably more than a year out.

At this rate, I don’t think they should be approved for 6 days, as mine often peeter out before. I look so forward to the next generation of CGM’s.

I have had luck with my MM sensors lasting for 6+ days. I just restart it ater it ends.

My MM rep illuded to something in the works in about 6 months to go with the revel. Im thinking thats a 90 degree sensor. I sincerely hope the insertion device is better than the ones they offer now.

I recently switched over to the Dex CGM due to MMs shortcoming on their system. The 45 degree, number of days it lasted, and insertion device were some of my main issues, well that and chasing it to try and get it accurate. At any rate, the dex insertion device is easy in comparison. I hope MM gets inspired by it.

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Today I got numerous cal errors (leading to bad sensor message) which when I start to get a bunch (after I have two I just try to restart the same sensor) I find the sensor really is bad. It was only day 5.

The CGMS iPro Recorder is attached to a tiny glucose sensor inserted just under the skin. During the course of three days, the recorder automatically measures and stores glucose values during daily activities like work, sleep, eating, and exercise. After the recording period is completed, the patient returns to the physician’s office where the device is removed and downloaded.