One touch Meter application and Macs

On my windows netbook I had the one touch meter application so I was able to update my food list, etc. Will that work on a mac? I wanted to check before I started to do something that wont work...thanks!

I have an iMac that's about 5 years old, and in the past 6 months I have had several problems between the iMac (10.5.8) and tudiabetes. I haven't tried to pursue these problems because I expect to replace the iMac soon. From your description, I haven't been trying to do the same things. But watch out for things that don't work like you expect them to.

Thanks...Sorry I didnt reply sooner..Life is a bit crazy at the moment. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Trying to get my meter to be up to date with foods :)...Trying to get accurate as I can get.

I tried to set up the one touch program and nope, I get the "you can't open the application "oneTouchSetup.exe" because Microsoft windows applications are not supported on OS x" >_<.....Why on earth cant they create for windows and macs?????