•OneTouch® Delica™ Lancets

Does anyone have a extra free coupon fro the new Delica lancet device ? There was suppose to be a coupon in the paper . I would like to get one if anybody has extra ,thanks

Tyler, I picked up some coupons today for the delica - 19.99 so it’s no charge to you. I’ll be adding you as a friend so you can pm me your address and I’ll mail them out to you.

Thanks MariaB my mom ssaid thanks too !!

I like the Delica. It is a more comfortable lancing device. The lancet is super thin. I had to use another lancing device one day at work and it seemed like I was shoving a 5 gauge needle into my finger. I got mine on-line at Hocks.com. It was around $16 or so. You are going to appreciate the Delica. :slight_smile:

does anyone have a extra one of those one touch delica lancets if so let me know and i will give u my address thanks debbie pickett

The lancets only work in the Delica lancing device. So if you do not have the device, they won’t fit in the other devices.

can u send me a coupon too for the delica or know where to get one thanks debbie pickett

are there any one who has one of the one touch delica device and can send me one thanks debbie

yes I meant a coupon for the device .

I read this post, called my CVS, they had coupon and the device, comes with 10 lancets and now I have one. Give it a try!

Did you like it ? Is it better then others ?

Yes, it is quite a bit better for sampling blood but it is pretty short. I haven’t priced the lancets yet.