Anyone try using Nite-Ize HipClip with G6 receiver?

Apologies if someone posted this question already… wondering if anyone has tried the Nite-Ize HipClip with their G6 receiver, attaching to the receiver’s skin rather than the receiver’s shell? Did the Clip hold? Thanks, TuDers!

I use a Nite Ize clip like that, but on my pump. I can’t answer about how well it works on the Dex, but I’ve gotten nearly 4 years of use out of mine thus far and love it.

The adhesive that comes with it is actually great, so long as you follow the mounting/curing instructions. But I had to exchange my pump, and it was a NIGHTMARE to remove. Once I got the clip off, it took hours with a heat gun and goo-gone to get the last of the foam and residue off. This might not matter to you, but I was afraid it might void my warranty.

I use E6000 craft glue to attach the clip now, and will continue to do so, because I don’t think the clip itself will ever die. I’m just gonna keep remounting it on new electronics. E6000 is my absolute favorite adhesive. It sticks nearly permanently to almost anything… even the smooth metal of my pump, but it remains slightly flexible. Last time I removed it, I was able to pry the clip off with a paring knife, and then I could peel the cured E6000 off in a cohesive strip, like rubber cement.

I also learned that just a tiny dab of hot glue will immobilize the clip long enough for the E6000 to fully cure. (Hot glue on its own will actually hold for months on end, but it eventually gets brittle and fails, especially in the cold.)

Very helpful information, Robyn - thank you!! Before messing with any glues/adhesives, I always have nightmare mental scenarios of gluing myself to the floor, desk, computer - anything but the intended object…

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LOL Trust me, me too. I’ve had to peel my fingers apart more often than I like! That’s actually why I like the E6000 so much. If takes several minutes for it to start to get tacky, and a full day to cure. You can move it around easily and it cleans up easily. A little too easily sometimes. I’ve only got a tiny amount of real estate on my pump where it won’t cover anything important up and can’t afford for it to slip and slide while it’s curing. That’s why I find a drop of hot glue useful to keep it still while the other thing works it’s magic.