Anyone useing the Inset 30 (infusion set)

So here is my question …to all the fellow users Shelby (4) just started to use the new Inset 30 and so far so good. I love them. But this week we must try a new sight other then her poor little butt (which she loves to use) we have tryed her stomach before with the inset and Rapid D(metal set) and neither worked all sites went bad in a few hour period …are there any thought on where to put a site on a 4 year old I have talked to the pump trainer and her endo but sometimes you can get better feedback from people who do sets every few days…Thanks you All…!
Korin :slight_smile:
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I use upper thighs! Pointing downward (towards my toes). I don’t know if Shelby has enough fat there though… it’s my favorite site since I also pretty much exhausted my butt!! Sounds like Shelby and I have similar preferences :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to sound dumb but when you say thigh do you mean front, side, or back…It might be an idea for us to try!!! her little tookis needs a major break…! Thanks

Good question… sorry I didn’t specify!

It’s on the side of my thigh… Approximately where my hands would be if I just relaxed them by my sides.

Top of thigh might work also, nearer to the hip if possible - tried one two days ago and it worked great.
BTW, what color Inset 30s did you go with?


(I thought that sign was cute and oh so true)