:( Inset 30 troubles

so as some of you know I hvae been on a pump for a month now. Ever since I started I have been using the inset 30 because I am quite lean and I just seem to like them better. But recently I have been having problems with getting the angle right. It is always too deep which hurts and bleeds or too shallow which forms a lump and dosen’t deliver very well. And It always takes me sometimes six wasted sets to get one right (and a lot of stomach wounds). So after we ran out of 30’s we had to turn to an emergency box of inset II’s… One try and perfect insertion. I still sort of feel attached to the inset 30 (i know that sounds weird). Any advice on what to do would be greatly apprecciated. Thank-You.

I have had the reverse happen over the last couple of weeks. I been pumping since Jan of this year and had great success with the inset II until it started to get hot here and I could not get them to stay on for more than 2 days. I then tried the inset 30 that came with my pump and they are working great (took 2 tries to get it right) I still like the inset II but will make sure that I always have both in the house. I guess it all comes down to what works best for you and what you like better. If you are going to continue with the inst II make sure you are using the right ones I find I have to use the 9mm of the will not take.

Hope this helps.

Hey Hilary,
The best advice I can give you is to MAKE SURE the feet at completely FLAT on your stomach/skin. Don’t press down too hard on your stomach either, that will make it go in at a deeper angle. The feet should be parallel like the top of a table to your skin. if that makes sense. I also like to test the area out with the tip of a lancet, so that I can feel for less sensitive spots, before I actually insert. Hope this helps… good luck. I love the inset30s, but it does take a little practice at getting the angle right.

Mandy - it’s all in the feet - right? I’m going to give this a try with the Inset 30’s I still have - as I have was having similar probs like Hilary. It was getting so annoying to have so many wasted infusion sets - that I was ready to go back to MDI. I now use manual insertion 45 - and the Inset II’s - but will give the 30 a try with your tips you’ve given us here. Thanks!!!

I also had the same problems with the inset 30’s. I have been using the inset II’s - 6mm and I have been inserting them in my thighs as I am also quite thin and I find that it bothers me quite often when I insert them in my stomach. ( I gave my injections into my thighs for 30 years). I have been inserting into my legs since I started pumping with only the occasional attempt at changing my site location. (stomach, butt)

GRRRRRRR just as i thought i might give the inset 30’s a try… 6 WASTED SETS!!! I like the inset 30’s much better as they suit me much more. BUT THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE it is so frustrating just getting punctured over and over again till you get one right. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!. I am doing all that I know to get them right I have tried peeling back the tape I have got them so flat I have tried pressing gently, not pressing at all,I have tried tilting it upwards downwards backwards. AND I STILL CAN’T GET IT RIGHT. Mum and all my older sisters are telling me to just keep going with the inset II’s but I just don’t like them. I really just don’t know what to do and if you have ANY advice at all I would appreciate it sooooooo much. Perhaps I should just do the gruesome manual insertion but I can’t really bring myself to do it. Oh well I will try to pluck up the courage to give it a try. ANYTHING has got to be better than this.
Thank-you very much

Hey Hillary,
I would highly suggest getting in touch with your CDE or Animas Nurse rep, and have an in person lesson. I’m sure you have probably done this in the beginning, but they would be the best advisor in seeing what your doing, and showing you what can be done to fix the problem. I know they would want to help! I wish I could help more. Good luck. It is possible to get a good, and painless (most of the time) insertion with the inserter, but it does take a little time.

I am also having a lot of difficulty with the inset 30’s this week! I just started pumping exactly 2 weeks ago and for the first week everything went great! now for the past 5 days I have had to change my infusion set because it was so uncomfortable due to pain! I feel like I am being such a waste and I am getting sick of changing it everyday. there has to be something I am doing wrong, but I can’t figure out what? I don’t feel like I am doing things any differently than the first week…

yeh i am currently using the inset II’s they are MUCH BETTER they bareley go in deeper than the inset 30’s. I am pretty happy with them for now ( I am so sick and tired of the 30’s) the II’s have painless delivery not too painful insertion over all I give them a way better mark than the inset 30’s

I use the 6mm canula with the 60 cm tubing


I’ve been using the 2020 since October of last year and have used both types. I really found that the angled ones are a bit more complicated to use. Several wasted before I got the hang of it. Are the not going in or are they falling/peeling of right away? I’m sure that either your Animas rep will help. I know I was having issues with my sites not sticking. My rep sent me skinprep to try and then with talking to her we later realized it was because of the shower gel that I was using. Sometimes it’s the simplist little thing (or so we think) that causes such a big upheavel. Good luck