Inset vs. inset 30's

anyone try both?

i have a sample for the inset 30 i havent used yet.
anyone perfer one over the other?

thanks :slight_smile:

I tried the Inset 30’s and couldn’t get the angle right so the absorption wasn’t as good as the 90’s. User error I think. I would imagine the 30’s are a good choice for someone who is lean enough to use them.

I prefer the inset 30. The inset is too often hitting my muscle and kinking or pinching, even with the short set. Although I think they look cooler!

I asked my trainer thursday and she said she preferred the inset. That is what she in fact wore herself. So that is what I am starting off on and is so simple to use, I figure why mess with a good thing. LOL Right now mine is running the saline in it but tomorrow it will have the novolog in it.

Willow has little to no fat. We use the inset 30. I posted a picture of me getting ready to insert on her tummy and then the site. Sometimes we get 4-5 days on one site. She likes the 30s and when given the option of another type of infusion set - I have considered the contact-detach, she says no-way!

I use the inset but am going to try the 30s as well to compare them. I used to wear angled sets all the time.

Hello . My son is 4 and we just used the inset 30 on him as he has hardly any fat. It cried a lot. He is on saline today and Humalog tomorrow. I tried the Accucheck rapid Ds (steel 90 needle) and Cleo (teflon 90) and he seems to prefer this one but only after it is in.

Do you use Emla cream? Does the needle hurt her? I was just wondering because my boy seems to make a huge deal out of it and I wondered how much of that was the fact it was just something new.

I actually use both the inset 30’s and the insets. I got some samples of the 30’s to try and I think they work better on my thighs. I am not skinny by any means actually obese. I use the insets on my abdomen trunk area.


Hi Melissa,

I’m sorry I’m a little late on this… haven’t been back to tudiabetes in a while. My son who is just now turning 5 has been pumping on the Ping since June of last year (since before he was 4). We use the Inset 30’s and we can only currently use his butt because he is so lean.

It does hurt… for the first few months he made a very big deal out of it. We tried emla cream, ice, etc… what we figured-out is that his anxiety was 90% psychological… through testing with emla cream and his freaking out at an inappropriate time (before or WAY after it’s inserted).

Now that he’s been doing it for over a year… it’s not a big deal at all. We have a ritual that makes him comfortable. We take a bath, we get the old set off… we let him watch his favorite cartoon… we wipe it with “the cold stuff” (IV Prep), mommy or daddy blows on it gently… we pray… then we do it. If both of us are around then I’ll get him to squeeze my hand as tight as he can while mom does it… he seems to really enjoy this because I make a big show out of how strong he is (LOL)…

but the net effect is - it’s taken almost a year… but it’s no longer a big deal.

Stick with it mom, it’s going to be ok. Also - msg me anytime!

oh one more thing… we don’t use emla cream at all now.

I use the inset 30 with another gasp pump… The joy of Luer lock… im not a skinny/built guy by any stretch… The trick with the 30s seems to be standing up, and loosely pinch an inch before you insert (not tightly), making sure your at the 30o or so angle… and remember to only insert right to left, or left to right NOT up and down! :wink:

So far i have yet to have one hurt, a little uncomfort on insert, mabye but it didnt hurt…

Have you tried the Orbit infusion sets?

We also received samples of the 30’s from Animas with the pump and scored a couple from the Nurses at the Clinic at the BGH here in Brantford. My son Ethan is almost 11 and the first one he used hurt going in and stung fairly bad even on the slow delivery speed of the Ping. Needless to say he hated it and vowed never to return to the 30 again. I mentioned it to one of the animals Customer care reps when calling to complain a bit about the Meter Remote (One Touch meters have never been my favorite) and he sent a couple more. The next one we tried never hurt going in and didn’t sting when receiving a dose, worked great, he likes them now but we started with 9mm Inset II’s 90 degree insets, had good luck with the 9mm sets in the usual fattier belly area sent 2 back for failure problem (one was our fault, we applied it incorrectly and it failed but that’s another story) and Animas was kind enough to replace the 2 returned sets with an entire box of 10 6mm inset II sets. We had very bad failure rates when trying to move to a new “piece of Real Estate” on Ethan’s belly. We tried to move to skinnier spots above the belly button line and every other one would fail (High BG’s a few hours later). My logic was smaller cannula’s to work in skinnier spots, seems logical to me but nope. We finally received our ADP funding and have ordered Inset 30 and Inset 2 9mm sets. The nurse told us to put them in the freezer for 5 minutes prier to the inset change especially for skinnier spots and the next two 9mm sets worked fine as well as another 30 set. So we may finally have the tip we needed to help save time and money and high BG’s. Would have been nice to have that tip “in hand” before wasting $140 worth fo Insets - but hey they were free anyway.

4-5 Days? Your diabetic team OK’d the use of these insets for up to days?. I have heard of a few using for 4, mostly because they have little insurance coverage but 5 is risking a troubled or infected site and a few High BG’s on the 5th day no? Do you change when you see the BG level getting higher? The insulin will start bonding to the plastic in the pump cartridge and be far less effective the longer you go will it not? Interesting

In the freezer what would that do ??? I use the cleo 90 6mm , Inset 6mm , Inset 30 For different parts of my body.

Stiffens up the canula tubing so it doesn’t have as much of a chance to bunch up on insertion. You can’t actually freeze it solid of course but 5-8 minutes seems to get it cold enough that we don’t have problems with tat particular set in those spots anymore

OH ok thank might try that . You should try the 6mm they work great on slim spots.


Actually most of the insets we had trouble with for a about a month or so was the Inset 90 6mm’s, the 9mm’s we had good luck with. Now we are using the 30’s and are having much better luck with site success. Our diabetic nurse told us to try the freezer idea for our son, it wasn’t just something we tried as an experiment LOL