Anyone using T:Connect with tslim

Will T:Connect or other phone app provide same/most info from pump screen?

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Yep. It actually provided more info than the pump screen. You can’t control the pump from the app yet, though, nor dismiss alarms/alerts.

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It’s nice to see all pump info on the app, without needing to thumb through the various screens on the pump. For the initial release, so far, I really like it.

I definitely pull my pump out less with the app.


Thank you all for making me aware that the t:Connect app was available. My first reaction is also quite favorable, particularly for an initial release.

Note: I’ve got an iPhone … I don’t know what other platforms it runs on.

Stay safe!


Do alarms/alerts appear on the phone or app?

Yes, they appear you just can’t do anything to clear them from the phone. For example, I received a site change reminder. That reminder remained until I cleared it on the pump.

it’s also on Android. Not sure all phone types, but it works on Galaxy 10.

For those curious what the screen looks like


Thanks! My major concern with the t:slim (for me) is the very tiny, low-contrast on-screen font on the pump. So being able to access as much information on the app, which I can zoom in on using the iPhone’s accessibility tools, is potentially a game-changer for me.

It is too bad that they chose green-on-green for the CGM graph of the app (very low contrast), but at least the blood glucose level is in larger font at the top. Hopefully the app and Control-IQ come to Canada in the near future.


I looked at the user settings and it doesn’t appear there is any control over screen colors at this time. I would hope the mobile app would be much better from an accessibility standpoint than the pump. I know for me it is much easier ( font size) and not needing to dig through a bunch of screen to see my bolus history.

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Just installed, working as described. Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately my first 12 hours were horrible because my infusion set bent on insert, and I had bolused for meal. So got a 300+ that I hadn’t seen in a while, but now its throwing off my T:connect data !

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I also just downloaded it last night after talking with Tandem due to a sensor failure. She asked if I was using it, I wasn’t so I did while we were talking about the sensor issue. I love it! So much more info than the pump. I can see the insulin levels throughout the day as the pump increases and decreases the basal rate. So very sweet!


Is anyone using the T:connect app without Control IQ?

I was able to download the app from the Google Play Store, but it can’t seem to connect to my pump.

I can’t find the Bluetooth setting that the app says I need to change, so I’m thinking maybe I can’t use it with Basal IQ?

You CAN use it with Basal-IQ, but it still requires a software update to version 6.3.1 (which was issued around the same time as Control-IQ). It changes the menu layout a little bit, gives you more sound options, and gives you the Bluetooth radio toggle necessary to connect to the app.

Check the tandem user portal (where you used to have to go to upload data) to start the update process. I don’t think this one requires a script, just some short training.

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Thanks Robyn! I had to do an online training, but got it downloaded without an Rx.

Have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed by the current utility of the T: connect app, though. Once they add a remote bolus feature, I could see it being very useful for when the pump is inaccessible under clothing (ie ski gear, dresses).

I hope future versions may have a better bolus history for more than just the most recent bolus. I often pre-bolus in small increments over 1-2hrs as I cook and/or wait for food to be served.
Medtronic’s bolus history allowed me to easily add up how much insulin I’d taken for the meal. The t:slim history is terrible for this b/c it includes multiple lines for each bolus and takes a lot of scrolling and time checking to make sure I’m not counting the same bolus 2-3 times. It’s like a raw instrument log rather than something useful to the human eye.

Not sure if this is off topic, but I don’t see much else on T: connect, so putting it here. :wink:

Is anyone else annoyed that this and other newer device software (such as Dexcom Clarity) give users no option but to share personal medical and lifestyle data with the corporate device manufacturer?

If they told me they were doing specific research with the data and let me choose when and how much to participate, I’d probably be happy to share my data…

It really annoys me that they offer no option, though. I’ve actually been using Tidepool instead of Tandem or Dexcom upload options partly for this reason (though mostly b/c its utility is a little better). I still miss the old Dexcom Studio desktop software - it was not only private, but also more useful than Clarity.

In my case, I like the t:connect phone app, that gives me the details for understanding what CIQ is doing/has done, real-time, rather than digging through pump history menus. Its more valuable than worrying about what tandem does with data.

For dexcom, I use xDrip, but occasionally uploaded to Clarity prior to dr appt if I had specific things to discuss.

That’s a good point - I’m not using Control IQ yet, so I may value the phone readout more if/when I do.

Overall, I do really appreciate that Tandem is improving their technology this way… It just also kind of annoys me that they (and other companies) use this as an opportunity to force patients the share their data. I figure they may pay attention to this sort of forum, so it can’t hurt to air complaints. :slight_smile:

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You can swipe screen to see past 20 hours, and the boluses show on graph, with number. But if you do multiple bolus in short time, they overlap. Total iob is always shown.

I wish it would graphically show decline of IOB, although their calc of IOB doesn’t match what I observe.