Tandem app for upcoming appointment

I’m using the tandem control iq. Isn’t there any app where I can download my pump information? is it tconnect? Thanks in advance

Yes, you upload to t.connect. I upload every couple of days when I plus my t.slim into the computer to recharge the battery. You can then go to the t.connect site and view the charts and graphs. Your doctor can then download the charts and graphs as well, and you can discuss your management.

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You can also set up T:Connect app on phone, which will automatically get data from pump and load to web Connect if you want. You don’t have to do a upload. You can just log on to web version to display history and summary reports that are not available on app.

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Yes I use my phone. I check it from time to time cause it tends to stop collecting some times. I gave my doctor my password and account and they keep an eye on it so I don’t need to send reports.

Yes, you can do all that IF you have a cell phone, which I don’t. My CDE accesses my t.connect charts and graphs directly online the day of my appointment. Works out for me because I don’t have to carry anything around with me except my t.slim clipped to my waistband keeping my hands free.

Your doctor can download your pump at the office too

@tonilynn20 T:Connect or Tidepool are your best bets. Both are free.

@tonilynn20 , with this day and age of malware, computer viruses, and other hooliganism going on, the only thing your doc needs to download your pump AND Dexcom CGM data is your Tandem pump serial number if you have keep t:Connect on your phone and your pump & CGM connected to t:Connect.

Anyone who tells you that you must disconnect and give them your pump to take away to the office computer so your info can be downloaded has not been properly setup as a clinic in the Tandem system.

Additionally, the Dexcom Clarity is also used by clinics for just the CGM data. Consider using it also.

You may wish to have the Dexcom G6 app on your phone and allow a trusted friend or family member to use the FOLLOW feature.

Alarmingly there was a post on another social media about the risks from the medical practice app MY CHART. Here is what was said:

Recently there have been two stories about companies being held for ransom by cyber crooks. In addition to ransomware, there are other malicious portals to our computers, tablets, & phones. Because of the interconnectivity of our tools, high caution need be utmost.

A new threat has crossed my sights. The threat is cookies frequently planted by websites for a variety of reasons. Because one of my other activities is software testing for high security situations, I am especially attuned to computer integrity.

There are two items for your reading and browsing. The first is the US Department of Homeland Security’s CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency). Their website is https://us-cert.cisa.gov/

The second is health care software and patient portal websites requiring patients and families to open their home computers to benevolent cookies. This seems inert on the surface, yet holds grave danger to anyone allowing cookies to be planted on their computer.

Specifically, if a service provider requires cookies to be allowed and the patient inadvertently opens an unrelated yet dangerous email, the door is open for evildoers to plant weeds (bad cookies). The weeds can hijack the computer completely, seize address books, activate keystroke loggers, or a myriad of harmful actions.

I am sharing this so you may be aware of the danger of types of unkind software. Consider blocking or approving only limited cookies on your devices. If asked about the selection of patient portal vendors, insist the vendor work without cookies, but instead track the patient portal visitors using technology similar to Caller-ID referred to as MAC addresses and IP addresses. One vendor I have learned requiring cookies is Epic, operator of My Chart.

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