T:connect mobile release!

OMG. I’m so excited! Tandem finally released the t:connect mobile app. As a Linux computer user, that was never supported, I can finally upload my data.




Fantastic! Downloading it now.

Next up… control your pump from the app. I won’t hold my breath for that one.

Yeah, after playing with it for a few minutes, it’s not quite as exciting as I hoped. I thought I might be able to use it instead of Xdrip for CGM display. It’s definitely not much of a real time app, though. No widget. The notification just says “Tandem Pump Connection: connected to pump”, with no useful information.

Still it’s nice to finally be able to see/share data. They can see how wrong the 5 hour forced insulin duration is for me, since I always go low at 4-5 hours when the IOB says “0”.

I also need to feed the pump, and just got an “EMPTY CARTRIDGE ALARM” pop-up on the phone. I’ll probably disable the alert notifications, though, since I can’t turn them off via the app yet.

Can’t wait until mobile control gets added!

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I do like that it is really easy to see your bolus history, without digging through the pump menus.

As someone who was never able to look at the PC reports, it too me a few minutes to realise what the numbers on the graph were. :grin:

Also looks like they have some serious security in place to make sure only identified users can link to the pump. Reminds me of the steps I have to go through to connect to my work email using my personal device.