Anyone who knows a good diabetes app?

Anyone who knows a good diabetes app ?

just an app so you can enter the bloodsugar and things like that

I like mySugr, and it's fun

Are you still using it?

Doesn't your pump track all the data? Those of us on pumps have $5,000 computers at our waists. What more do you need?

I recently posted basically the same question:

I've been using Holger's Glucosurfer lately (Insulet screwed me again with a shipment so I've been injecting over the holiday while I wait for my next shipment of pods to arrive today), and put simply it's a pump without an actual pump -- and then some.

Only app I've found that does all the bolus wizard stuff, calculating corrections, carb bolus amounts, etc. and then tracks IOB (which is the BIGGEST win with his app). Makes true pump-like MDI a reality.

I'd be shocked there weren't competing apps out there that track IOB and have bolus "wizards" to assist, but Glucosurfer is very complete, and has a ton of additional helpful features if you want to use them.

Finally, purchasing Glucosurfer ($1.38* on Android) helps support Holger and the glucosurfer site. I'd encourage others to support him here as well -- he contributes a lot to the TuD.

(*additional donations directly to the Glucosurfer site are also encouraged)