A while ago I wrote the blog hate is a strong word. It was when I was down in the dumps. I now realize that there are so many things to be thankful for. It’s hard to find those things, so here I am. Attempting the close to impossible! If I’m going to have to live with diabetes, I am going to have a positive outlook!

I am thankful for…

~The insulin that keeps me alive
~My family who supports me 110%, and take initiative to learn my symptoms and such
~My friends who don’t treat me any differently, just because I have diabetes
~The people who ask me “can you eat that”, because I know inside they really care
~My endo, who is with me every step of the way
~My pharmacy which has helped with my scripts multiple times
~My faith that has brought me through some tough situations
~A family work enviroment, they know my condition and understand if I need to take a break
~Every day I breathe, I know it will get better
~A community like TuDiabetes, it has really been a lifesaver
~Those little things that have made it that much easier
~My Omnipod. It has changed my life completely
~My Sunday School Class…when I’m there I have a few minutes where I am “normal”
~My safe neighborhood, where I can get the exercise I need
~My CDE, who makes me feel special and treats me like her own
~God who has done so much for me and through me
~Organizations like JDRF, who have special events to rasie awareness
~People who are whole-heartedly focused on finding a cure
~Everything in regards to diabetes, I wouldn’t have it any other way =]

Anyone have any more to add?

Remeber, life is short. Live it up, don’t let diabetes stop you!

Thanks God that you are thankful and happy,it is blessing from God that we appreciate situations and be thankful.

I couldn’t agree more.
Sometimes live takes us through unexpected paths and it takes time to adjust and realize everything will be fine.

I am glad you find it, some people never do… I need to remember this more often too! :slight_smile: