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Any one heard of the watch that is worn at night and it will detect when the blood sugar is low and ring a buzzer to awake the sleeper. If you have do you know where one can be purchased. I use to have one, it worked great for about 2 years.


Hellen, I used to have one as well, but I stopped using it since I sweat alot at night and it never stop beeping!! lol

By searching for “Diabetic Watch” it gave me a link to that have a similar kind watch

Amazon Link:


Hellen, Ahmad; Why would you go this route today when there are at least two perfectly good CGM systems available? Is it cost? Or insurance coverage? Or what?


I used to use it in like the 80s, early 90s when I was a kid…!

I just answered Hellen question! ;o)

For me, I will be switching to a new pump by the end of August, am hoping that I can secure a CGM as well!!
Thanks for your concern


Hi Alan!
I had problem getting AccuChek 360 to run and I haven’t played with it yet…


Just joined TuDiabetes and Geeks With Diabetes today. Gotta say “Thanks”. Awesome stuff.


Thought you’d get a kick of watching this video, where I interview Ben Adida, lead architect behind TuAnalyze:


Privacy is not the main concern of most users though. sure, dont leak private data in the process of providing a service. But good algorithmic utilization of our data, on a personal level or otherwise, is i think what most people want to see. And i think that is probably the main focus personally of developers of diabetic tools and software. I cant imagine any kind of overt malice in the medical software field when it comes to personal liability.


medical data is not that lucrative on the black market


OK so I about to upgrade my smart phone and am having trouble making the final decision. I am in Canada on Telus so my options cover most key OSs but limited hardware choices. I like iOS, Android and WP7 so would love some input on what you would pick with the following hardware choices. iOS is obvious - the iPhone4, Android - the best pick that I can see is the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, WP7 - the HTC 7 Surround. What would you go with?


k. I ordered the HTC 7 Surround - anyone have good app recommendations for WP7?


My two diabetic friends and I have created a facebook group called diabesties: we’re trying to get everyone connected. Please friend me on facebook! We’ve started finding diabetics on our campus at Wellesley College, and our goal is to have an immediate social resource for diabetics on every college campus and local communities.
We’re also looking for someone who wants to help out with making a facebook app. Anyone in the boston area who knows how?


What benefit is this Facebook group called diabesties going to give us that we don’t get here?


Hi…Any of you Geeks like me who are into Amateur Radio too…I just started a group for that. FYI



Hi Everyone,
I’ve just got myself the Accu-Chek 360 software. I can download my Performa meter fine, but my D-TRONplus Pump doesn’t seem to work. Has anyone else had any trouble with download their pumps?
Here’s a link to a video of the process I went through.
Perhaps you can spot the problem.


Hey all! I am an IT Sales Executive for a hardware maintenance firm, which provides hardware support for large data centers globally. On a personal level, I love gadgets and video games… I’m on the animas pump and getting dexcom cgm which I’ve heard great things about.


Kaayle, come join the Flatliners group and show off some of your trends when you get the Dexcom!


Realized I should post this here! I finally got my ipad 2 - love it so far, but it’s my first mac os device. What diabetes apps do you use? What other ‘essential’ apps?

Thanks! Barbara


Hi Barbara -

I have a first gen ipad, and love it as well! My favorite logging app is Glucose Buddy, which is free, and i find ideal for food and activity, etc. but not ideal for glucose data as I have all of that info in my pump. The best solution I have come up with is too export all of the pump data, my dexcom cgms data, and the glucose buddy and upload all of it too Nice and clean graphs to send my CDE. good luck!


Thanks Dan! I use diasend to upload my pump data, can access it from ipad but have to upload with win. I’ll have to d/l glucose buddy and check out glucosurfer.