ARRRRGGGHHH! Now I'm stuck with that site!

Happens to all of us, doesn't it? One of the big disadvantages of the pod -- a "bad" site is an expensive problem.

Changed my pod yesterday evening, put it in a somewhat new place, very high on the back of my left arm pointing down with the cannula about even with the armpit fold. Never put it up there that high on my arm, thought I'd give it a try.

From the moment the cannula inserted I already knew this was going to be a challenging 3 days. First, painful insertion. That usually means some "awareness" during insulin delivery, as in mild sting. Also seems to be too often correlated with pod errors.

Then, the placement was, well, stupid. It keeps getting compressed with shear forces as well by things like the car seat, pillows propped up in bed, etc. Unlike the vast majority of the time, I'm aware of it constantly because it keeps getting bothered.

Anyway, I'll stick it out, as I always do. It's nothing major -- just annoying. However, I love those nirvana sites that you forget entirely until you have to pull out the PDM. Fortunately, I get those most of the time.

Been there! I have sights where I can't remember where it is, usually my stomach. I find my arms to be the worse for absorption and annoyance. I've also discovered that my left side stomach is so hyper sensitive I have to shut my insulin off completely at times because it runs so low. What a trip!

When I was new to the pod... I tried my belly once. NEVER AGAIN!!! lol
I don't think it lasted an hour. Hurt the second it went in and never stopped. It even made that side of my belly quite warm feeling, very wierd.
I'll never do that one again.