As of 1/17/11 I am still waiting for my pump

This journey began in September when I told my CDE I wanted to go on the pump. She told me I would have to wait till I see my Dr. So November 22nd came around and I saw my dr and he thought I was really ready for the pump. I then saw my CDE again as we needed to change the medication from Humalog 75/25 mix back to Humalog and Lantus. So in December I finally went to see the first CDE I had when I first went to Joslin who taught me the I:C ratio. I was like yay for I:C ratio which was so much easier than a fixed dose and I finally learned correction. That helped. I was suppose to see my current CDE on December 27th when we got a snow storm. I then saw my first CDE on the 30th of December. She did the pump evaluation. I was ecstatic that I could finally get my pump. I emailed the pump person at Neighborhood Diabetes and emailed the pump coordinator at Joslin as I was told she would be out for a few days. After about 11 days I emailed the person at Neighborhood that has an office at Joslin what is going on. He told me he is waiting to hear from the pump coordinator. And that was a week ago I sent that email. I today sent him an email to ask what is the status. If he tells me he is still waiting to hear from her, when I go in on Wednesday I will be giving her a piece of my mind. My sugar levels is still all over the place and the bruises are making me NOT want to do MDI. I just can’t take it anymore.

Overall my fight for the pump is getting me so aggravated to no end. I just hope tomorrow I get some answers or on Wednesday there will be some yelling going on.

Welcome to the pump fight club. I’ve been fighting for one for months with no end in sight for me. Hopefully you get your pump soon!

SuFu It shouldn’t matter if you are well controlled or not. its a better way of managing the diabetes. I should hopefully hear by the end of today what is going on but if I dont, I have to go to Joslin tomorrow and will be yelling at her. I also plan on emailing my first CDE I went to and see if she can find out whats going on. I need to email the rep from Animas as he was at Joslin and see if he was able to find out anything but this is getting ridiculous. I need my pump now!!