Now I am getting annoyed in getting my pump

I am quite frustrated beyond belief. My saga in trying to get pumping started in September. I saw my CDE in September and she told me to wait until I have seen my dr. I saw my eye dr and told them I am in the process of trying to get on the pump and needed to get my eyes dilated. So I got that done so it will be recent in the records. I saw my dr on November 22nd and he was on board with getting me pumping. I told my rep from Neighborhood Diabetes which pump I wanted, etc. Of course the pump coordinator wasn’t there that day so I couldn’t tell her that that paperwork needed to get in. So I then saw my CDE and that I needed to learn I:C ratio and be back on Lantus and Humalog. No biggie, it will be a short time to be on it. I got to see my other CDE that I started out with who already knew me to teach me I:C. I did that for a few weeks and of course I was suppose to see my main CDE on the day of the snow storm. I was able to get in with my other CDE later that week (I was on winter break from my class and wanted to get it all in). She did the pump assessment which I’ve been wanting ever since September! I was elated that I was going to have my pump in a few weeks. I emailed the pump coordinator at Joslin as she wasn’t going to be in the office until last Monday (1/3/11). I didn’t hear back from. I figured she is gathering everything but still. An email would’ve of been nice. So I also emailed the pump rep at Neighborhood and didn’t hear back from her either.

I emailed the rep that has a desk at Joslin what is going on. I was told that the pump coordinator wasn’t going to be in the office the next few days and he is waiting for a reply from her. I’m like seriously! What on earth is the hold up here?? Do they want an ER bill in their face to show how freakin slow they are. I told him I would email him at the end of the week to see what the status is. I also emailed an Animas rep that I’ve been corresponding with in regards to whats going on with the pump. This is what I emailed to the rep at Animas as he is allowing me to contact him via email as I dont hear well on the phone. For privacy reasons, I took out the names of the people and just put in (Insert name here) instead. I am in the medical field and did have HIPAA training so I prefer to respect the staff as well. But this is what I emailed.

"I hear you are coming to the pumpers meeting next month! I am excited. From the last time I emailed you, I still am waiting to get my pump! According to Neighborhood Diabetes, I needed to do the pump assessment which I did at Joslin with my other CDE (Insert name here) as my main CDE wasn’t in the office. I emailed (Insert name here) who is the pump coordinator at Joslin last Monday (Jan 3rd) and of course emailed neighborhood Diabetes. I have heard back from (Insert name here) as I emailed him and he is STILL waiting for (Insert name here) to pass on the paperwork. And of course (Insert name here) isn’t in the office for the next few days. I am getting quite frustrated as I need to get going on starting the insulin pump. I have been waiting too long as I have heard others not having to wait as long as I. Also I am still job searching and I am holding off as if I do get a new job, I can’t take 1 day that is a 5 hour day to get started then take the next 5 weeks 1 hour a week to get going. Which means I’ll have to wait longer. Is there any advice you can give me to get this pushed forward??? I am really getting quite upset with Joslin and wanting to switch to a different provider as someone I need to talk to is either not available or not there, etc. Anything you can provide me would be great. I keep telling people I just want to get my pump!.


So this is where I am at. This is holding me up in my job searching as I dont want to start a new job then get the pump and tell them oh I need 5 hours off on this day and an hour off on any given day of the week for the next 5. I am hoping the Animas rep can advise and help assist in getting my pump. So this is where I am at. I got so excited now I am just very upset and not so hopeful. I hate waiting. I feel that someone is holding up the line here. I’ve done my part and still waiting.

Now how did I know that this post would be by you when I clicked on it! I went to Joslin once and I am so glad that I had trouble getting an appointment with the doctor I saw. I could never put up with the crap that you have. Joslin is supposed to be like “the” place to go for diabetes but from stuff I have read that they put people thru, it is crazy.

You know when the person gets back, they will have a ton of catch up stuff to do so it will still be a few days before your paperwork gets processed.

Kelly, I do like the dr I am seeing there but still. It is frustrating that this person who is the pump coordinator is either in a meeting, not in the office and if she is there, I have no idea what she is doing. Getting a pump is important (at least to me). I know Joslin is the place that is based on diabetes alone unlike a hospital but still. They should be caring about their pts! And I think you knew it was me because I have been venting about it a lot the last few months. I just hope the pump is well worth it once I do get it.

Keep on truckin’ I know the wait, the work and frustration involved; it took me a year and a half to convince my self insured employer to grant me the opportunity to get a pump…like pulling eye teeth!

Thanks…As going back into the medical field you would think they would be accommodating in when you have medical appts. But not when you have a few every week or even once a week. They need someone there in case something goes wrong or hell breaks loose.

At least you like your doctor Amy. I know someone on another board that went to a different Joslin (I think in NY). She was trying to get the Pod and they did some of the same stuff you are having done to you. She finally just asked her PCP if he would sign it & he did. Then her doctor at Joslin claimed she never got the paperwork - Insulet faxed it several times. It will be worth it once you get it! I am back to MDI for a couple days because of my cartridge cap. I will be anxiously awaiting for that to show up!

Kelly I also like one of my CDE’s at Joslin too. When my main CDE appt was cancelled due to the snow, my first CDE when I first started going to Joslin knew how important it was for me to learn I:C ratio and only had that week to do it, she was there. She made it soooo simple for me to understand. Other than that, everyone sucks there!

Oh, I know how you felt! Glad you are finally pumping. Why were you on saline for four weeks?
I had to put insulin in J’s pump after three days! LOL He couldn’t stand wearing a pump and taking shots at the same time. Check out this post if you want to read about our frustrations getting him on a pump. Thank God I can laugh about it now. At the time, I thought my head would explode!

Kimmcannally, I’ve been on insulin for 2 weeks now I think. I can’t remember as I’ve been happy to start…trying to get my sugar levels in normal range and we are tweaking the basal and I am hoping to switch to novolog as humalog hurts.