Thought I would be pumping by now

I've been waiting for my Animas pump since I got the word to order it. That was November 22nd. It is now December 26th about a week or so ago I was told by Neighborhood Diabetes that I need to see my CDE and they will closed my case. Which set me off like a construction worker. I called Joslin and made an appt for Monday December 28th at 1:30. We are getting snow here so I MUST go this week as next Monday I return to class. I was hoping by the time I get done with this class I would have my appts lined up for the pump. Nope, I have to wait till I see my CDE. I am hoping she will come in despite the snow and I can see her so we can get the paperwork in asap so my insurance company can approve for the device so I can stop doing MDIs which is driving me insane at this moment. I have LOTS of bruises on my stomach and hate waking up at 6am to do the lantus. My A1C right now is 7.1% and I dont want to have to go through the process all over again and to have my A1C done again and its above 8%. I will be mad.

So I'm STILL waiting to get this process done. I am beginning to lose my hope. If my CDE isn't in, I can email my other one and see what she says. I really need to get this pump so I can have the control I need that MDI isn't giving me. Even doing correction shots doesn't always work.

*sigh* I hate this disease so much.

Amy, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I did hear Boston is supposed to get pretty hard with this storm.

Kelly you have no idea how frustrated I am…I should take a picture of my left side of my stomach…Oyyy…

I know those bruises all too well! You can get some from pump infusion sets, but at least they are not daily hole punches! I can imagine how frustrated you are. I really don’t get what they are putting you thru!

I guess I should’ve of done it back in 2007 when I had COBRA…Then I wouldn’t be so darn frustrated right now.

I’m with you. I hate diabetes, too. Especially the need for self-discipline for food and schedules on MDI. I’ve had a pump for 12 years, and love it – and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get yours sooner rather than later!

Thanks Natalie…due to a state of emergency the joslin clinic is closed today :(…so my appt is cancelled…I need to see her this week otherwise I have to wait until after January 14th (when my class is over).

I had a feeling that you would not be able to get there today with the weather. I hope she can get you in this week so you can get this moving and not have any more delays!

Kelly thanks…This has been delayed since September! I just really want to get it going as after class, I’ll be job hunting, studying for the state exam and hopefully interviewing. Plus I want to start volunteering at a hospital so I can hopefully get a job that way too.