Continue to wait for my pump

I received a call from Neighborhood Diabetes who are helping me with getting the pump as they helped me in other supplies as well. I am suppose to see my DE on December 14th but I start CNA class on the 13th so I am trying to see if I can see her next week. I was told I need to do an assessment with her. I am dreading this as my dr was ok with me getting on the pump while my DE wants to wait 6-8 months. I can not wait that long! Especially when I may get a perm job. If I cant see her next week I’ll have to wait until January 7th or after as that is when my CNA class ends. I’m already unhappy with MDI and really want to pump. I am hoping she’ll send over the paperwork to my dr and the insurance company doesnt take a lot of time. I’ve been waiting since September for this.

So I continue to wait for Kermit (the green pump I am waiting to be ordered and approved) to arrive. So I just pray my fight for getting the pump will happen so otherwise I'm gonna go nuts.